European Economics Preview: Eurozone Trade Data Due

Eurozone foreign trade figures and data on Italian general government debt are the main European economic news due on Monday.

At 3 am ET, Czech producer price data is due. The Turkish Statistical Office is slated to publish consumer confidence and unemployment figures at the same time.

At 3.15 am ET, Swiss producer and import price numbers are expected. At 4 am ET, the Italian statistical office is set to release the trade figures for the month of February.

Foreign trade data from Statistics Norway is due at 4 am ET. Italy is scheduled to release the country's public debt statistics at 4.30 am ET.

At 5 am ET, Eurostat is expected to announce Eurozone's foreign trade balance for the month of February. Economists forecast the trade balance to return to surplus which is expected to be around EUR 3 billion compared to EUR 7.6 billion deficit in January.

On a seasonally adjusted basis, the surplus is expected to fall to EUR 5.5 billion from EUR 5.9 billion in January.

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