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What to start with on Forex? How to open an account? Where to set an order? You will find answers to all these questions and even more in our video tutorials. Step-by-step instructions will help beginning traders learn the technical aspect of Forex trading. All lessons are divided into sections by topic, which will give you the knowledge of the platform, indicators and trading optimization.
Bollinger Bands
Bollinger Bands

A closer look on indicators for technical analysis will help to improve your profitability on the currency market. Every trader applies a certain set of indicators which characterize the situation better and assist in making the right decision. Commonly two major groups of indicators are used. The first one denotes the current price trend – trend-following indicators, while the second one reflects changes in the sideways trend – oscillators.

Please note that it is impossible to precisely forecast the price changes that is why signals produced by the indicators cannot be a guidance to action. Video lessons presented in this section will help you to understand all the nuances of the technical indicators.

The video lesson is devoted to the Fractals indicator, developed by the famous trader Bill Williams. It helps to easily find and denote the price's highs and lows. The signals generated by the indicator assist to detect the market trend. The indicator has the utmost accuracy in calculation of these figures.
Moving average indicator
Moving average indicator
Due to its simplicity in use, moving average indicator earned a great popularity among traders. The tool measures the average price over a set period. The video will teach you how to employ the indicator and interpret its signals correctly.
MACD oscillator
MACD oscillator
This instrument applies the method of subtracting the shorter moving average from the longer one. Market volatility affects greatly the accuracy of the prognosis. Learn more about the MACD oscillator in this video lesson.
Parabolic SAR
Parabolic SAR
The video illustrates the practical use Parabloic SAR. This indicator shows the most appropriate moment for exit from a trade. This peculiarity provides additional features for technical analysis such as the trailing stop. The Parabolic SAR can save your profits if applied properly.
RSI Oscillator
RSI Oscillator
The video is devoted to the RSI oscillator which indicates the price reversal at early stages. The oscillator is called the Relative Strength Index, or RSI. The indicator’s applies the theory that any directional movement will inevitably change to the opposite one. This tool will be of great use in trading.
The Stochastic points to the price trends and reversals at the closing prices within the last series of highs and lows. The video tutorial will tell about the main features and parameters of work as well as disclose the basics of the Stochastic interpretation.
Alligator indicator
Alligator indicator
The video provides basic information on the most effective use of the Alligator indicator, the most favoured technical tool. The indicator includes three moving averages of different kinds. By analyzing this data, the Alligator generates a signal of new trend beginning.
One Click Trading
One Click Trading
One Click Trading is intended to make trading even more easy and convenient. A very descriptive title proves that the tool is aimed to simplify the whole complex of trading operations to one click, thus every trader should know how to use this indicator. The algorithm is comprehensively described in this tutorial.
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