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Time of bitcoin

How can I buy an apartment in the center of Oslo spending just a few ten dollars on it? How can I avoid losing all my savings in a day by the wrong purchase of assets at their highs? At last, how not to go out of my mind when trying to puzzle out what it is really like? To reply to these questions, we have to consider the new digital currency or bitcoin which suddenly got under the spotlight and became a trading instrument of numerous brokerage companies.

In fact, it is quite tricky to define exactly what bitcoin is like. On the one hand, it is decentralized digital cryptocurrency which is created by a process called “mining” on “farms”, requiring a large cache of powerful hardware. On the other hand, bitcoin refers to the technology and network. So, it is a peer-to-peer payment system.

For modern traders, bitcoin is a new financial asset with extremely high volatility. What other financial instrument is notable for rapid hikes from $900 and collapses to $600 in just a day? Bitcoin behaves exactly like that. So, speculators expect to grow rich when buying bitcoins at lows and selling at highs. Otherwise, they run a risk to lose all money within few hours as a result of a failed deal.

To sum up, one thing is obvious. Bitcoin has been gaining roaring popularity around the world. Nowadays, bitcoin is still at the early stages. The new cryptocurrency was created not by states and economies, but by computer networks and limitless market possibilities.    


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