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Interview with Maksim Magdalinin, InstaForex analyst

All your reviews are about various currency pairs. Is there your favorite or the most predictable one?

— Thank you very much for congratulations. It’s a pleasure that InstaForex set up such an award to throw it open for analysts so that they could test their skills. Well, I personally have no favorite currency pairs. I usually trade the EUR/USD, pound sterling, Aussie, and gold. I cannot say which pair is more predictable since they act differently at different times.

As an analyst, who gained credibility with our traders, can you tell your view on the currency pairs? I mean – is it true that every pair has its own character and needs special approach?

— You know, I’ve chosen the pairs that are not that related with each other.

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Interview with Gavin Holmes, TradeGuider Systems CEO, author of the book "Trading in the Shadow of the Smart money"

Hello Gavin. It’s nice to see you here in Moscow. Tell me do you have any previous experience of cooperating or teaching Russian traders?

— Yes, we have a number of customers who are Russian traders. In fact, one of our programs is Russian. We met them online and we’ve been doing business for 15 years. And yes, we have over thousand Russian users.

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Interview with Sebastian Seliga - analyst and masters in social psychology

Before trading on forex market you worked for some financial companies so you were actively involved in stock exchanges. Everybody knows that indices trading differs greatly from forex. What prompted you to change your focus of interests?

— Well, stock trading is full of regulations and limitations. Forex trading does not have these issues. Well, there are some regulations in Forex trading but it is nothing like compared to the stock market.

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Interview with professor Dr. Rakesh S. Rajangam

What is your speaking expertise in terms of people management?

— All right, thank you for this opportunity. And I am proud to say what I am good at and in terms of people management my expertise shall be in terms of motivation - motivation largely for bringing people up to speed involved things that they do with removing all the fears that they have in them involving business they are in.

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Interview with Rafal Glinicki - founder of VSA TRADER

Hello, Rafal! First, let us go back to the times when you were first introduced to trading. How did it happen and what was your starting point for the future success?

— Everything started in late 90’. It was the first time when I heard and get interested in financial markets. First time indirectly, I was interested in invest founds a bit later I started to invest in stocks at Warsaw Stock Exchange but I treated that as a hobby.

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Interview with Vladimir Rybakov - founder The Signals & Mentoring club

Hello, Vladimir. We are pleased to see you here, at the conference in Riga. You are so versatile being a coach, quotes provider, advisor, trader, to be continued. How do you manage to combine these activities?

— Oh, it isn’t easy. But I’m lucky to have wonderful partners. I’d like to tell you a short back story. The story started when I was working as a trader in a hedge fund.

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Interview with Steve Ward, trader performance and psychology coach

Hello, Steve! We are glad to have an opportunity to talk to you here, at the Riga exhibition. You have large experience as a consultant and as a coach in different companies. Tell us please about the most memorable moments of your career.

— First of all, I would like to say that I am a lucky one to get such an interesting and many-sided trading experience.

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