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A forex informer for a website is a widget which updates automatically. It provides traders with the latest news and statistics from the forex market online. MT5 portal invites you to download and install various informers – they may display forex analytics, news feed, a rebate calculator, an events calendar, and other data. Informers for a website are updated regularly so traders get the latest news. For example, a news informer shows the updates from stock and currency markets while currency informer provides live quotes of currencies and other assets.

All forex informers are available free of charge but you need to save the received code and the hyperlink to Besides, you can change a design of an informer without changing the link.

Furthermore, you can create your own informer for a website. For doing that, you just need to contact the technical support service by email Specify the URL of your website, the widget format, and describe the desirable design.

Chọn loại informer tài chính của bạn:

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