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MT5 portal and its title sponsor InstaForex offer to participate in numerous prize draws, contests and promotional campaigns. They provide traders with a real chance to get some valuable prizes and rewards. You can take part in a draw of cars or compete for a trip to the home city of Liverpool FC. Moreover, you can be lucky enough to get some valuable prizes or real money to your trading account. To participate, you need to open a live account with InstaForex, register for a contest and contend for a part of the total prize pool. The company raffles prizes and money bonuses worth more than 500 thousand dollars annually. Contests for forex traders are a great opportunity to get a nice reward for trading on Forex.

Mitsubishi Lancer dari InstaForex

kontes forex
Kampanye terbaru untuk para pelanggan kami dari Indonesia telah dimulai. Undian sedan Mitsubishi Lancer dari Jepang dibuka dari tanggal 24 April 2017 sampai 20 April 2018. Hadiah utama – mobil Mitsubishi Lancer yang dirancang sebagai kendaraan sehari-hari dalam berbagai kondisi cuaca. Daftarkan akun Anda di kampanye ini, lakukan trading pada Forex seperti biasa dan menangkan hadiah mobil terbaru dengan kualitias Jepang yang sesungguhnya.

Win Ferrari from InstaForex

Kontes Trading
InstaForex continues to extend the range of its luxury gifts. The winner of the supercar campaign will get Ferrari F8 Tributo - a two-seater sports car with the most powerful Italian-made engine which has been winning the title of “Best Engine” in the International Engine of the Year awards three years in a row.

Black Frame Talent: Daily Contest of Demotivators on forum

kontes forex
It is an unusual contest for traders registered on forum. A participant needs to provide an interesting comment to a picture and arrange it in the form of a demotivational poster. You can generate your demotivator in a special application available on and publish it in the contest thread. The competition is held every 24 hours, from 7.00 am till 7.00 am (GMT). The winner is determined by the jury voting and the forum administration. The prize money of the contest is $10. The winner of the stage must publish another poster as a new competition task before 4.00 pm GMT.

Guess Forex Trend

Kompetisi terbaik
Guess Forex Trend, the weekly contest on with a prize pool of $150 is a matchless opportunity to make bank on accurate forecasts for EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY pairs. All you need is spend some minutes to vote in the contest. The winner takes $150 to be credited to his trading account. The voting on the currency pairs are accepted since 00:00 (GMT+3) Saturday (the session close) until 00:00 Monday (opening of the market). If there are several winners, the prize money will be divided equally among them. Make a successful prediction and get $150 to your trading account.

Bonus for posting

Kontes Trading
Want to get some money by posting comments? Easy thing! Trading portal supported by InstaForex carries out the Bonuses for posting campaign. Thus, you will get nice money bonuses to your trading account for just posting on the forum. The standard reward for a post is $0.2. The maximum bonus amount per month is USD 250. However, your posts should be original, literate and informative. Priority is given to exclusive authentic materials no less than two full lines long. The text copied from other source is not welcome. Moreover, you can make money on your referrals’ posts and get an extra reward of 33% of bonus credited for this post. To become a referral, the guest needs to click your affiliate link in the profile and register on the forum. Thanks to this affiliate program, it is now a breeze to invite friends and get gifts for that.

FX-1 Rally by InstaForex

kontes forex
This contest is held among holders of demo accounts with InstaForex. Its weekly prize money totals $500. The one-day competition runs every Friday. To take part in it, register on the official page of the contest. Press Registration button and enjoy!

One Million Option

kontes forex
A weekly contest for InstaForex demo accounts with a prize pool of $1,500. The main trading instrument is an option. Clients of InstaForex can register for the contest right now. To do it, please go to the official webpage of the forex contest One Million Option.

Chancy deposit

kontes forex
Take part in the Chancy deposit campaign held by InstaForex and win $1,000. To become the participant, you need to add no less than $3,000 to one of your InstaForex trading accounts. The winning account number is determined randomly every week. The holder of this account gets $1,000 to the trading account. Become the lucky owner of extra money by just following your trading routine.

Beauty contest Miss Insta Asia

Kontes Trading Forex
A unique project Miss Insta Asia is an annual online beauty contest organized by InstaForex. Girls from all over the world are allowed to become contestants. The prize money of the contest is $45,000 to be shared between Miss Insta Asia, two Vice Misses, and two winners in special categories. Names of the finalists will be determined via an open online voting.

Real Scalping InstaForex

Kontes Trading Forex
Real Scalping InstaForex adalah sebuah kontes bulanan untuk trader forex. Total hadiah mencapai $75.000 setahun. Para pemilik akun demo bersama InstaForex bebas untuk ikut serta dalam kontes ini. Tuliskan nama anda dalam dafar peserta untuk bersaing memenangkan hadiah!

Lucky Trader

Kompetisi terbaik
New to Forex? Then this contest is right for you! InstaForex broker raffles $3,000 every two weeks among traders who hold demo accounts. The annual prize money of the contest equals $75,000. You can register right now for the contest by going to its official page.

InstaForex Sniper

Kompetisi terbaik
It is a weekly contest for demo accounts with the annual prize pool totaling $75,000. Any holder of InstaForex demo account can partake in the contest. Register with the next stage of the contest and win $1,500 to your trading account.

Trade Wise, Win Device

kontes forex
A unique campaign held by InstaForex provides you with an unrivalled opportunity to get iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Samsung Galaxy Tab by just adding at least $500 to your trading account and completing a simple registration. The campaign is held once a fortnight. The winner is determined randomly via a so-called Device number.

We offer you the report on terminated competitions organized by InstaForex – the main sponsor of MT5 trading portal. The broker carries out various campaigns and contests providing maximum possibilities for each client. Below there is a confirmation that rewards and exceptional prizes become a reality.

Toyota Camry dari InstaForex

kontes forex
Kontes Toyota Camry untuk Indonesia dari InstaForex sudah berakhir. Mobil Toyota dengan nomor seri 11333 telah diundi pada 24 Februari 2017. Setelah tim kami melakukan berbagai jenis pengecekan, kami telah menentukan satu klien InstaForex dengan nomor akun trading terdekat dengan nomor seri Toyota.

Beat the Legend

Kompetisi terbaik
Can you imagine that a retail trader is able to outpace a star of Liverpool football club? In practice, everything is possible. The winner of the Beat the Legend contest has been eventually declared. He deserved a gorgeous prize – a trip to Hong Kong at the company’s expense. Apart from watching a live game during the Asian tour of Liverpool FC, the lucky guy had an opportunity to meet some footballers behind the scenes. The contest was held by InstaForex alongside the legendary Liverpool FC and Jason McAteer, the club’s star at the turn of the XXI century. Beat the Legend has been one of the most appealing contests to clients as it unites football and trading. A special trading instrument was invented for the contest - a binary option which was based on InstaForex forecasts of the Liverpool FC scores in the Premier League matches.

Match Hero

Kontes Trading Forex
The terrific contest tailor-made for fans of Liverpool FC has been terminated. The winners have enjoyed fully paid trips to Liverpool, including a live game between Liverpool and Manchester United. Match hero stands out from other InstaForex contests as it is based on a different approach. In contrast with all previous trading-related contests, Match Hero is not about forex trading. All you need to do is foresee the best player in every game of the football club in the English Premier League. Besides a trip to a football match in Liverpool, some other participants have been awarded cash certificates and valuable gifts.

Great Race 2015

Kontes Trading Forex
The Great Race 2015 contest is over! InstaForex team expresses gratitude to each participant for the desire to win and fighting spirit that was present during the entire competition. The names of the winners can be found on the official contest page.

Hummer to a Jammy Fellow

Kontes Trading Forex
The winner of a prestige Hummer H3 has been determined. On the campaign webpage, you can find out who got the keys to the stylish SUV. There you can also watch the video report of the ceremony of prize giving and read the interview with the lucky winner.

Win Lotus from InstaForex

kontes forex
The breathtaking Lotus Elise, the grand prize of the Win Lotus from InstaForex campaign has been raffled. The prize went to the trader from Malaysia. Despite the beauty and luxury of the sports car, the trader opted for $75,000 to his trading account. You can learn about why the professional trader preferred money to a legendary car by the British manufacturer.

Fast Ride from the Best Broker

Kompetisi terbaik
Gorgeous Lotus Evora, the main prize of the campaign, has been given to the lucky winner. The campaign was officially closed on May 25, 2012. Over 3,000 traders from around the world took part in the car prize draw. You may look up the name of the winner and campaign’s results visiting the official page of Fast Ride from the Best Broker.

Best Trading, Luxury Driving

Kompetisi terbaik
The Best Trading, Luxury Driving campaign kicked off September 8, 2011. On September 27, 2013 InstaForex announced the winner. Evgeniy Trots from Norilsk, Russia became the happy owner of Porsche Cayenne. On the campaign webpage, you will learn about his choice – money or luxurious crossover. There you will also find the Porsche number that determined the winning account.

Sports Lotus is Your Trade Bonus

Kompetisi terbaik
The two-year campaign offering the posh Lotus Evora as the main prize has been over. The Lotus number was fixed on June 27, 2014 at 23:59. The lucky owner of the keys to a brand-new sports car was Aleksey Vybornov from Moscow, Russia. You can visit the campaign webpage and find out what prize the winner chose.
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