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Interview with Gavin Holmes, TradeGuider Systems CEO, author of the book "Trading in the Shadow of the Smart money"

Hello Gavin. It’s nice to see you here in Moscow. Tell me do you have any previous experience of cooperating or teaching Russian traders?

— Yes, we have a number of customers who are Russian traders. In fact, one of our programs is Russian. We met them online and we’ve been doing business for 15 years. And yes, we have over thousand Russian users. And it’s a growing market which is why I am here. I’m very excited to be here.

And tell us how you met Tom Williams and became introduced to VSA?

— Well, that was more of an accident. We’ll talk about the law of attraction later. It really was one of those meetings that changes lives. I was very fortunate to have a business in England that was making a lot of money and Tom found that business because he wanted to take his business to the next level. Well, I met Tom and was so impressed with what he was teaching that I decided to buy a company from him. And unfortunately he was getting blind and couldn’t see properly. He felt that that was right time for him to hand over. He was 75. And I bought the company and I was very lucky because Tom continued to train me throughout that period. And I really got confident in my trading about 12 years ago. I think it was the time when I first met him. He started to show me that charts were moved quite deliberately by big players (I call them the Smart Money) and since then I’ve never looked back. I travel around the world, I meet great people, it’s a great life!

Gavin I’d like to quote an Amazon review of your book Trading in the Shadow of the Smart Money: “If you are new to trading buy this book. If you have lost money from trading buy this book. If you're making a few profitable trades and want to make more buy this book.  If you buy only one book on trading make it this one.” So tell us what is the secret of your book and what makes it a must-read for every trader?

— The book is all about how the markets really work. The truth. Because there’s a lot of rubbish about how the market operates. The markets are manipulated unfortunately. But fortunately it’s good for us if you could read volume. What Tom told me was when the market moves, it’s not moved accidently. It’s moved deliberately. So what I did when I started the book, my mission was to educate the uninformed trader and to show them some principles that I use every day, that Tom uses every day, but also to elaborate more on Tom’s book that he first wrote. And then I realized that a lot of the money that I was beginning to make was because of my belief in the human ability to make money. And we’ll talk about that a bit later, but in the book I describe one big moment in my life that changed it. I was on a stage in New York and I was looking over the audience, about to make my first live trade in a competition. And instead of being terrified as I looked up, I saw as if I’ve been here before. And I suddenly had a total as I ended that competition, a dream that it’s gonna happen all over the world and after that moment it did. So belief is very underestimated and I talk about that in the book. If you believe in yourself, if you believe in your ability, nothing can stop you. And I’ve proven that.

You mentioned the law of attraction. Is this true that apart of economic laws governing the market, you also pay a lot of attention to the human belief in the ability to make money? Tell us more about it.

— Well, 15 years ago I was very fortunate to come across a number of books, one of them was over a hundred years old called The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles which explains the importance of thoughts in our lives. We all have thoughts. But thoughts can be misdirected or take you in the wrong direction or don’t even pay attention. What I learnt is that a thought, if carefully directed with proper action behind it, produces very good results. But a thought with negative action and negativity behind it gets negative results. And that’s been for thousands of years. So I did a lot of study by myself and read a lot of books and began to realize that actually if we can think and believe in harmony with the universe, we get results. You know, trading is no different. Most people set apart themselves by their limited beliefs or worse than that, they are being sold products which a rubbish and not going to help them. So what we give the trader is not just a piece of software and the education that goes with it, we give them the belief around that and we do live trading with our software. And most people observe they I’m very relaxed when I trade. It’s because I’m confident when I trade. And if you can, others can too. Then the world is your oyster. The law of attraction has become more popular because of the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. And all I’d say to people, there’re lots of books on self-help, don’t discount them. There’re very good ones, there’re lots of goods ones. My book is going to be called Think, Link, Create. It’s all about thought, action, and then creating the process. When you’ve got it, you’ve got that knowledge for the rest of your life. It’s very powerful.

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