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Interview with professor Dr. Rakesh S. Rajangam

What is your speaking expertise in terms of people management?

— All right, thank you for this opportunity. And I am proud to say what I am good at and in terms of people management my expertise shall be in terms of motivation - motivation largely for bringing people up to speed involved things that they do with removing all the fears that they have in them involving business they are in. And the other thing that used to build up the relationship – people relationship in getting things done, which is the team work largely. And I for one, one of my forte is people management. That was my former place of work was with many American companies where I was in the HR department as a senior director. And I have developed people in many areas. So in just terms of public speaking, it is one of the arrears where I master in the communication skills whether it is professional communication or just basic skills. I do help people in understanding the communication per se, to what is needed to be, you know, to talk one another, to communicate one another. And most of my trading programs as well as my lectures are based in people management for communication skills. So, that is my main expertise.

Your education major is Relations to public speaking?

— Ok, my career as well as education was largely based on people’s management where I have done my masters as well as PhD in Human Capital Management emphasizing on the strategies in all the areas of Human Capital Management. One of the most prioritized activities that I was largely involved in is a 360 degree profiling of a career person in organization. I also acted as a counselor for the 360 degrees management for people as high as vice-president in the Asia-Pacific region where I was working in several companies. And another expertise where I am very professional is human capital management which comes under human resources development. And in that capacity I have developed people for over 2,000 to 3,000 hours of personalized training as well as group and public trainings. And my educational background was largely since on that so I paid more attention on people management in terms of those things I have told you which is my educational priority.

Are you comfortable in associating with foreign participants?

— Working with foreign participants be it with career or participants in training, I feel very comfortable. I have trained people in various languages – in North Asia - the Chinese, North Koreans, Japanese as well as German and Welsh and the UK. I have not been to Russia but I am willing to learn Russian language to see how I can be doing it. But I think my comfortable per se or rather the trend- if you ask me I am very much into it. And since my proficiency in English language is good, I am able to pick up other languages as well. And quite a lot of participants that I have online in terms of educational background where I am the professor for them, I do a lot of those counseling as well as couching. Yes, there is a little bit difference in accents of the foreign participants or students but I am able to have a very good understanding of that and I am able to get support from this foreign student and I am very happy to do this with any foreign student and for yourself as well.

Many thanks for the interesting conversation.

— Thank you.

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