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Interview with Vladimir Rybakov - founder The Signals & Mentoring club

Hello, Vladimir. We are pleased to see you here, at the conference in Riga. You are so versatile being a coach, quotes provider, advisor, trader, to be continued. How do you manage to combine these activities?

— Oh, it isn’t easy. But I’m lucky to have wonderful partners. I’d like to tell you a short back story. The story started when I was working as a trader in a hedge fund. I managed to earn enough money that I was able to leave and gain income trading on my own. At that time, I had luck to meet people who became my partners later on. The thing is if you’re an individual trader earning your living, you have to sit indoors and go on trading; so, you have to keep strict discipline. It was extremely difficult for me. Thus, I started searching for ways how to apply my knowledge, to develop myself, and to enhance professional skills and again I came across some of my future partners. We setup online business. Nowadays, we own one of the largest Forex clubs, Forex Signals & Mentoring. Thanks to this partnership I’ve become what I am. It helped me streamline my trading activity and meet remarkable people. When I see that my trainees have been raising money I understand I’m a good coach. Besides, I understand that I’m also a good trader because I taught them everything I can do myself. Then I realize that I’m really happy. Yes, I’m lucky.

Today, a lot of novice traders are present at the conference. What would you advise them, to learn hard or to use algorithmic trading and similar technologies? Where does it make sense to invest money? What should they focus on?

— It takes some time to respond. First, every tyro has to understand that it is an activity; it is like a long journey. There is no short path to the trading height. Hence, it is impossible to turn into a professional trader in a week or two. Usually, we have to study for a few years in order to get education and become an expert. The same is about trading. Second, every trader has to understand that money attracts money. If you want to raise massive money, you need to possess a sufficient startup capital. If you don’t have big money, set a realistic goal. The most of beginners think they will be able to gain 1,000% profit. It is hardly possible. It is good in theory but impossible in reality. Well, realistic targets, the idea it’s like a long journey, and the leverage concept are three points in Forex trading. Leverage can make you wealthy or destroy everything. I always compare leverage with emotions. If your trading becomes too emotional it means that you’re using leverage you cannot afford. Therefore, you need to lessen leverage and set a realistic target; you should realize it’s a journey that takes time. But everything is possible. Even in my case, without special education and brilliant capabilities, I succeeded all right. Everyone can cope well.

You’re considered an experienced trader. Allegedly, successful traders don’t share their secrets with others but earn profits on their own. What do you think about it?

— Yes, I’ve heard of it and I don’t understand why people think this way. To be more exact, I do understand why they think this way but I don’t see any reasons for that. I’ve already said that it’s hard for me to trade sitting indoors as I get annoyed with it quickly. I really want to share my knowledge and I want to see that people earn money. Thanks to it, I have plenty of friends around the world. If you managed to create a good strategy I recommend you not to keep it to yourself but to share with others. It will draw friends and make you happy.

Today you’ve told about hidden divergence. Could you please tell in brief now about strategies based on it?

— Of course. The strategy is based on the concept known to every trader; a trend is your friend, so you need to trade in line with the trend. There is a range of approaches to trading in a trend. I believe that divergence is the most efficient tool of financial markets analysis. Today we’ve discussed the combination of two types of divergence. If you know how to deal with them, you are likely to succeed on Forex. It cannot be the other way.

Many thanks.

— Thank you.

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