US strikes at China with new tariffs as trade war escalates
US strikes at China with new tariffs as trade war escalates

Negligence of Chinese authorities that led to the introduction of quarantine measures across the world became a perfect excuse for the United States to sharpen its anti-China rhetoric. Beijing had almost lost the trade war between the two world’s major economies that erupted a few years ago. Back then, Washington decided not to twist the knife. However, this time the US has a conceivable ground to do so. China’s intentional withholding of information about the real extent of the problem and an active purchase of medical equipment when the country's authorities had already known about the coronavirus outbreak, pretending that nothing was happening, were additional reasons for the attack. The White House has chosen its favorite weapon, tariffs, to strike at China. The US has already added 33 Chinese government and commercial organizations, including several institutions, universities, and a number of high-tech companies to the economic blacklist. This list included 24 companies that were engaged in activities that were contrary to US national security and foreign policy interest. These legal entities are located in China, Hong Kong, and the Cayman Islands. That is how one little government’s mistake can cause serious consequences for the entire country. Everything could have turned out differently after all. The US and China had previously mutually agreed to reduce tariffs, while Beijing had promised to buy a host of American products. However, the relationship between two countries escalated in March, after US President Donald Trump accused China of the coronavirus cover-up.

Published: 2020-06-01 12:53:29 UTC
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