Trump sets precedent pursuing his own political course
Trump sets precedent pursuing his own political course

In his most prominent work "The Prince", Florentine philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli states that strong and non-conventional rulers are not always the best choice for the country. Such rulers are most likely to take their own political course that will exist as long as the odds are in their favor. However, nothing lasts and a meticulously built political system will crash eventually. Now the US is facing a very similar problem. America is a country with a well-established political system. Yet, it may soon change as this system is dying in convulsions due to Donald Trump with his non-standard political decisions.  Naturally, he cannot destroy the entire system in such a short period of time as the US president can be elected to no more than two terms. Nevertheless, Trump is quite capable of making noticeable adjustments to it. In addition, Donald Trump is very unpredictable. He can change his decision just a day after he made it. He is also well known for his provocative statements and risky political moves. For instance, not long ago, he declared that the US could cut off trade relations with China. He also called for US firms to leave China. Trump pursues his own political course counter to the grand strategy of the United States — "a set of conceptual provisions on the effective use of the state's available resources and means to obtain goals in the military and foreign policy spheres." Donald Trump plays his own game and does not care much about the grand strategy as well as the country's long-established political course. 

Published: 2020-05-27 14:58:18 UTC
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