Migrants leave Europe amid COVID-19 outbreak
Migrants leave Europe amid COVID-19 outbreak

Illegal immigration in the European countries is one of the most serious problems.  The coronavirus pandemic has somehow helped to solve it.  A flow of both legal and illegal migrants was stopped as people decided to come back to their countries amid the coronavirus outbreak. For the first time in many years, countries in the west of Europe  are watching the real outflow of migrants. Earlier, these people were dreaming of crossing the European border to find a good job. At the moment, they are doing their best to come back home. For example, Mihaela Danaila, a citizen of Romania, has been living in Europe for nine years and now, she is planning to leave the country. “I don’t want to return to Italy because life among strangers is hard,” Mihaela Danaila said.  “I’ll see what happens in the next few months. If I manage to get a job here, that would be great.” Authorities of some eastern European countries want to benefit from the situation and are trying to persuade the majority of returning citizens to stay in their homeland. Thus, Romania has already developed a program according to which people may receive grants to start a farm. The country’s authorities have allocated 40 thousand of euros for this purpose. At the same time, in Ukraine, people may get low-interest loans to set up their own businesses. Returning Serbians were promised jobs in the agricultural sector. Nevertheless, analysts suppose that most former migrants could leave their countries again as soon as the epidemiological situation in Europe becomes stable. For example, in February, 360 thousand Bulgarians came back home. However, 285 thousand of people have already left their country again. 

Published: 2020-05-20 15:09:40 UTC
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