Global economy on path to recovery?
Global economy on path to recovery?

Analysts suppose that some countries will have a chance to avoid an economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Of course, every economy will be affected somehow. However, not all of them will face a long-lived recession. Most investment banks are analyzing economic data of various countries. They agree that the global economy has already hit the bottom and started its recovery thanks to the competent actions of developed countries. Pandemic is not a financial crisis that can be predicted. It is an emergency and a real stress test for both the global and national economy. Not all countries are able to cope with the crisis. However, the overall situation no longer seems so desperate.  For example, the US, the world’s largest economy, has already reached the deepest level of the recession and is ready to grow again. The US has shown several times the ability to mobilize its resources in the darkest times. Thus, the coronavirus outbreak is not an exception. At the same time, other countries are also loosening lockdown measures and are coming back to normal life. Of course, the global economy will need a lot of time to start growing again. Nevertheless, the peak moment has already passed.  Scientists hope that the easing of the restrictive measures will not trigger the second wave of the coronavirus disease and people will avoid quarantine and self-isolation in the near future.

Published: 2020-05-18 14:31:11 UTC
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