US economy owes its strength to Donald Trump
US economy owes its strength to Donald Trump

Donald Trump has switched to the election mode. The President of the world’s largest economy feels confident at rallies in front of his voters and in televised interviews. There is a good reason behind such confidence. In light of recent polls, the odds are that Donald Trump is likely to be re-elected for a second term. Being the brilliant public speaker, he always finds an excuse to underscore health of the national economy which owes its resilience to his personal efforts. In the keynote State of the Union Address to Congress, Donald Trump reported on impressive results of his presidency, paving the way for another four years in office. He pointed out that the domestic economy benefited the most from his wise policy. In fact, his success has been proven by recent macroeconomic data. Gross domestic product has been logging steady growth despite global headwinds. Wages have been on the rise that ensures robust consumer activity and welfare of the population. The unemployment rate has reached record lows. Above all else, global investors are certain in the positive long-term outlook that makes the US economy more advantageous than the eurozone’s one. Nowadays, even former skeptics acknowledge that Donald Trump has chosen the right strategy, having fulfilled his pledges. No wonder, pessimistic sentiment is fading among economists and American voters. “We are never, ever going back," the US leader concluded his speech before a joint chamber of Congress.

Published: 2020-02-13 10:44:21 UTC
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