Donald Trump interested in buying Greenland
Donald Trump interested in buying Greenland

Savvy entrepreneur Donald Trump has an acute sense of a good deal. He can easily grasp the mindset of a would-be business partner. Without a team of negotiators, he just brings up an issue during a private talk and evaluates a partner’s response. In most cases, the US President has a great vision whether a deal is worthy of attention or not. Donald Trump has floated the idea of buying the largest island in the world, Greenland, for long. On Sunday, the US leader stated his interest in Greenland on TV and in his tweet. Notably, the policymaker wants to follow in the footsteps of his predecessors. US presidents used to buy spacious areas to enlarge the US territory. Thomas Jefferson bought Louisiana from France in 1803. Andrew Johnson acquired Alaska from Russia in 1867. Woodrow Wilson bought the Danish West Indies in 1917. So, there is a precedent of purchasing the land from Denmark. Now Donald Trump is considering a “large real estate deal”. The feeble economic situation in Greenland is on Trump’s side. Denmark has no available resources to develop this huge autonomous territory. In fact, the Nordic country has a sparse labor force. Oddly enough, Denmark’s labor legislation does not encourage but actually disrupts a flow of working people there.

Does anything suggest that a deal would be a success? Denmark is a time-tested ally of the US. Greenland used to be under the US protectorate during World War II. Nowadays, the island hosts the American northernmost military base. In other words, both countries have been in diplomatic relations for centuries. Experts predict the most feasible scenario. The US will embark on painstaking negotiations that will eventually end up with a long-term leasing agreement on Greenland, for example for 99 years. In a few decades of the land development and a massive increase of the population, the natives will certainly appreciate benefits of the US involvement. At a referendum, the locals will undoubtedly vote for extending the leasing agreement that will resolve the question of the unity with the US.

Published: 2019-08-27 14:16:36 UTC
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