Oil tanker changes name to avoid US sanctions
Oil tanker changes name to avoid US sanctions
Smugglers are very creative in their pursuit of profit. The captain of the Chinese-owned oil tanker Pacific Bravo even managed to change its name. Tanker owners have been spotted trading Iranian oil which is under US sanctions. When the US government promised to introduce sanctions against the Asian ports where the Pacific Bravo would be welcomed, the tanker’s captain decided to play foxy. First, he switched off a transponder which allowed other vessels to see the tanker on their radars and disappeared for about 6 weeks. Later, a new vessel, the Latin Venture, popped up in the same area. After a closer look, it turned out to be the vanished Pacific Bravo. The unique identification number (IMO9206035) helped detect fraud. Other parameters of the tankers matched as well. This way, it became obvious that the tanker faded away just because the owner wanted to trick everyone and avoid US sanctions. The Latin Venture is owned by Kunlun Holdings headquartered in Shanghai. The company also has an office in Singapore. The tanker can transport two million barrels of oil. The company did not respond to the agency’s request. Notably, the United States intends to ban Iranian oil trade completely. On the other side, Iran’s authorities said they would continue selling oil on the shadow market and did not consider their actions a fraud.

Published: 2019-08-26 09:22:52 UTC
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