Countries inside UK may treat post-Brexit union as burden
Countries inside UK may treat post-Brexit union as burden

Newly elected British Prime Minister Boris Johnson advocates for a hard Brexit without a trade deal with the EU. Interestingly, the euroskeptic policymaker is actually paving the way for splitting Great Britain. His recent trip around the Kingdom revealed that Scotland, Northern Ireland, and surprisingly Wales support the idea of independence from London. Earlier, Boris Johnson cherished the plan that Brexit would unify all the countries inside the Kingdom. However, his ambitious plans were shattered after he had visited all remote corners of the UK. On the contrary, the idea of the looming divorce from the EU prompted the countries inside Great Britain to revise terms of their membership. According to opinion polls in Wales, one third of respondents approve the idea of sovereignty. This sentiment in the other countries is even more popular. “The fact of Brexit poses a series of challenges at a practical, as well as an existential, level to the current governance of the United Kingdom,” Philip Rycroft, the top official in charge of the Brexit department, said. “It seems clear that this and any future UK government is going to have to devote considerable time and effort to reworking its policy towards the union. Our sense of social cohesion, indeed the very cohesion of the United Kingdom, will depend on it,” the policymaker noted.

To sum it up, Boris Johnson will face a tough challenge soon. The policymaker will have to sort out the hard Brexit and reconcile this scenario with the countries inside the UK. One thing is obvious – these countries will hardly cheer the prospects of a no-deal divorce with the EU. The British government has some tools at its disposal to prevent the split of the Kingdom. The urgent measure is the Act of Union proposed by Lord Livane. Nevertheless, the United Kingdom might not survive Brexit intact after the deadline on October 31, 2019.       

Published: 2019-08-15 09:23:18 UTC
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