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Speculators can earn on Trump's tweets
Speculators can earn on Trump's tweets

US President Donald Trump has brought social networks, or more precisely, Twitter, to a new level. The American leader has been actively using this tool of influence since the very beginning of his political career. Even in the early stages of the presidential race, Trump's tweets made many worried, and after his assumption of office, they even became a dangerous weapon. The impulsive Trump can get tough on any subject, whether politics or economics. And oil quotes are the most vulnerable to his statements. Using Twitter, the US President can bring oil prices down. American financier Philip Verleger has developed a new trading strategy built on this “superpower” of Trump. The expert offers clients of his consulting company PKVerleger to earn on oil prices using a mechanism based on the Twitter posts of the American president. Verleger conducted an analysis of Trump's behavior in recent months, when he sought to intervene in the oil market in order to lower prices, and came to the conclusion that it is necessary to bet against oil prices and shares of oil companies to sell securities or fuel oil futures in anticipation of falling prices. Verleger called this principle a "call option Trump" by analogy with a "put option Greenspan" (Head of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan) existed in the late twentieth century.

Published: 2019-03-14 14:27:23 UTC
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