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China’s Huawei sues US over ban on products
China’s Huawei sues US over ban on products

Huawei is doing its best to distance itself from the US allegations of spying. After a number of rebuttals, the company's management sues the US government. Apart from the accusations, the stumbling block turns out to be a very real ban on the usage of Huawei equipment among the government agencies.

Australia and New Zealand have already followed the example of the United States. A number of European countries are also considering to join the American ban. Besides, section 889 of the National Defense Authorization Act prohibits government agencies from cooperating with those who work with Huawei: they are not allowed to contract with them, provide grants and loans. It means that those companies that aim for the American market will be forced to abandon collaboration with the Chinese manufacturer.

The main reason for an open war against Huawei was the evidence that the company's equipment could be used to receive and transmit intelligence data to the Chinese government. President of Huawei has denied the accusations of espionage. He declares that the company never participates in espionage, and none of their employees are permitted to perform such actions. Huawei never creates backdoors, he added. Even if it were required by Chinese law, they would strongly reject it.

However, the facts suggest otherwise. US government is convinced that the truth is on its side and ready for the trial. Especially, given the fact that the court will be American, too. Espionage is not the only thing the company is accused of in the United States. Federal prosecutors are conducting a criminal investigation on Huawei suspecting the company of stealing trade secrets from business partners, T-Mobile in particular.

Published: 2019-03-14 14:21:33 UTC
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