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US economy on verge of recession?
US economy on verge of recession?

More and more experts predict recession in the US. Interestingly, the US with Donald Trump at the helm seems to be on a sound footing that has been proved by macroeconomic data. However, economists have discovered some worrisome signs. According to recent polls, 48% of US chief financial officers foresee recession next year. As many as 82% warn of a slowdown in the domestic economy in 2020.

The major reason behind such gloomy forecasts is the ongoing political rhetoric of the White House. Trump’s trade protectionism has caused serious troubles for business. On the back of strong performance, the time is right to recognize the US economy is overheated. It means that it could take a nosedive one day. This scenario is highly probable amid a slowdown in the global economic growth. In fact, other countries are also facing a risk of an economic downturn. “The global economy has been expanding for 10 years. Unfortunately, this period of a global economic boom is about to end. Nearly half of US chief financial officers expect the US economy to plunge into recession until the end of 2019. In other parts of the world, more than half of financial executives in Asia, Europe, and Africa also await recession in their countries by late 2019,” finance professor John Graham shared his outlook.

Against this background, the Latin America looks rather promising. Experts believe that the Latam countries are unlikely to face headwinds in the first half of the next year, though recession is not ruled out from the second half of 2019.

Published: 2018-12-20 18:40:43 UTC
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