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Minister of Finance of Russia
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Anton Siluanov - Minister of Finance of Russia
Anton Siluanov
Date of birth: 12.04.1963
Country: Russia
Family status: married
Net worth:
Primary activity: politics, economy

Anton Siluanov is a well known Russian politician, who devoted his life to the Economy and Finance, having achieved great success in these fields. He is well respected among his colleagues due to his determination and hard work.

Anton Germanovich Siluanov was born on April 12, 1963, in Russia. Members of his family worked among the highest-ranked authorities in the country. For instance, his father worked for a long time in the Ministry of Finance of the USSR. Later he held a position of the Deputy Head of the Money Circulation and Credit as well as in the Ministry of Finance.

After school, Anton entered the Moscow Finance Institute, which was later renamed as the Financial Institute under the Government of the Russian Federation. In 1985 Siluanov graduated from Institute with a degree in "Finance and Credit". Considering his future path, he decided to follow in the footsteps of his parent. Besides, his father's connections opened many doors for Anton Germanovich. He began working as an economist and then was promoted to the senior economist in the Ministry of Finance of the RSFSR. From March 1987 to May 1989 he was drafted and served in the Soviet Army. After the army, he returned to the Ministry performing his duties vigorously.

From May 1989 to January 1991 he was a senior economist, a department head and a chief consultant and adviser for the Ministry of Finance. Mr. Siluanov had been working in the Ministry of Finance for three years. Then, there was an event that changed not only the fate of Siluanov but the whole country as well. After the collapse of the USSR, the Finance Department was merged with the Ministry of Economy of the RSFSR, resulting in a new structure — the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the RSFSR. Anton Germanovich continued his political career in this Department, having taken the post of Deputy Head of the Department. However, almost immediately the new structure was divided again into two parts — the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Finance. Mr. Siluanov decided to continue his work in the Ministry of Finance. During his service in the Finance Department, which lasted until the autumn of 1997, he was able to accomplish a lot. In February 1992, he was appointed as Deputy Head of the Ministry of Economics and Finance of the Russian Federation. From February 1992 to October 1997 he was Deputy Head of Budget Office and Deputy Head of Budget Department of the Russian Ministry of Finance.

Later Siluanov decided to enter university again. In 1994, he obtained a PhD degree in economics. When writing his thesis, he used plenty of examples from his own work. As a result, his academic degree had a very positive impact on his future career. A few years later, in 1997, he was nominated to lead Macroeconomic Policy and Banking activities at the Russian Ministry of Finance. Siluanov held this post until 2001. His work has repeatedly received high praise from colleagues. On March 22, 2001, he became a member of the Board of the Ministry of Finance. Two years later, he became Deputy Minister of Finance of the country, replacing in office the long-term minister, Alexei Kudrin. During that period he was dealing with such issues as the Inter-Budgetary Relations and Macroeconomic Policy of the State.

A year later, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation was restructured. As a result, Anton Germanovich had to leave his former post and take the position of Head of the Department of Inter-Budgetary Relations. In 2005, he was again offered the position of Deputy Minister of Finance. He agreed. His work was mostly associated with the Regional Development Policy. Moreover, he also became a member of the Government Commission, which was responsible for the fuel and energy complex and the output of mineral resources. Mikhail Fradkov was appointed the Head of the Commission. Siluanov worked there until 2008.

Having worked in the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, Anton Germanovich had been a member of various commissions and the Board of Directors. Thus, he was involved in work with the Board of Directors of the Russian Credit Bank, Russian Agricultural Bank, as well as with Agency for the Restructuring of Credit Organizations, the Deposit Insurance Agency, and many other significant organizations of the country.

On September 27, 2011, he was appointed as Acting Minister of Finance of Russia. Alexey Kudrin was replaced by Anton Siluanov in International Monetary Fund, World Bank and in Eurasian Anti-crisis economic Fund

His appointment was received by the public very contradictory. Someone said that he was a well-qualified, but too narrow specialist. Someone claimed that he was a temporary figure and would leave the Ministry immediately when another suitable candidate appeared. In 2012, the Russian President appointed him as Minister of Finance on a permanent basis.

In 2012, Siluanov retained the post of Minister of Finance. He continues to work on this postuntil today.

For all his long career, Anton Germanovich had received high awards such as the Order for Merit to the Fatherland I, III and IV degree and the Order of the Polar Star. In 2012, he was also awarded the Gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation for his services in the field of Economy and Finance.

His family life is peaceful and happy. He is married and has a son. Anton Germanovich fluently speaks German.

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