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All famous investors’ success stories were no flash in the pan. They were not born into wealth and had a bumpy ride before they became movers and shakers. The magnates put themselves up by their bootstraps. Despite their stories are somewhat similar, they are interesting and unique in their own way. Some of them started their path from a profession far from the one they ended up with. They made a bit on the side to get some extra money and then changed their lives dramatically. Some spent much time on education and started out as entry-level employees to move up the career ladder. Most got off to a flying start by opening a store, plant or retail chain which then became the pacesetters. Their business creed was quality and affordability. Their firms turned into multinationals with annual revenues exceeding hundreds of billions of dollars in ten, twenty, or thirty years. Such companies as IKEA, Inditex (Zara, Pull and Bear, Bershka), H&M, and ALDI are among the leading lights.

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Nassim Nicholas Taleb -  Economist, financier, trader
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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Economist, financier, trader
Nassim is a successful internationally known trader, mathematician and essayist. His work focuses on the epistemology of probability, difficult-to-predict events, as well as trading mechanisms of financial instruments. Nicholas Taleb, whose full name is Nassim Nicholas, was born in the Lebanese city Amiun on the first day of 1960. His family was Orthodox, which was the reason for deportation during the civil war in 1975. Nassim's father was an oncologist and in addition was engaged in the anthropological research.
Olli Rehn - Vice President of the European Commission
Olli Rehn
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Vice President of the European Commission
Olli Ilmari Rehn is a Finnish politician who is well known for his appearances urging to continue the measured fight against ramifications of the European crisis. He declares for the urgent necessity to complete reforms in European financial regulation and monitoring. During his life, the Finnish and European politician managed to change several important top leadership posts. Olli Ilmari Rehn began his political career in his youth. That is why he enjoys well-deserved recognition and respect now.
Paolo Scaroni - CEO of Eni S.p.A.
Paolo Scaroni
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CEO of Eni S.p.A.
Paolo Scaroni is the head of Italian oil and gas company widely known due to some scandalous events which occurred in his life. He climbed the career ladder and experienced downfall followed by imprisonment.Paolo Scaroni was born on 28 November 1946 in a picturesque city of Vicenza, the capital of the similarly-named province. Having finished school, Paolo entered the Economics faculty of Bocconi University in Milan. He graduated from it in 1969 and decided to continue education in Columbia Business School where he obtained an MBA in 1972.
Peter Praet - chief economist of the European Central Bank
Peter Praet
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chief economist of the European Central Bank
Peter Praet is the first chief economist of the European Central Bank, who is half-Belgian and half-German, he is known as a good specialist in the field of financial regulation.Peter Praet was born in a small German town of Herchen, North Rhine-Westphalia. In 1971, he graduated from the Université libre de Bruxelles with a BA in Economics. A year later, he received a MA in Economics at the same university. Firstly, he started his career at his alma mater. From 1973 to 1975, Praet was a Research Assistant in the Department of Applied Economics and Institute for European Studies.
Raghuram Rajan -  Governor of the Reserve Bank of India
Raghuram Rajan
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Governor of the Reserve Bank of India
Raghuram is a world known economist who predicted the crises in the USA as well as forecasted serious problems in India due to multiple corruption facts in the top government echelons. Raghuram Govind Rajan was born February 3, 1963 in the Indian city Bhopal. His father worked for government.The future famous figure in the economic field studied in the public school in Delhi. In 1985 he graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering.
Ralph Nelson Elliott -  Financier
Ralph Nelson Elliott
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Ralph Nelson Elliott is an American financier, accountant, economy theorist and scientist who devoted his life to the development of the Wave Principle. Elliott received a title the of financial market genius.Ralph Nelson was born on July 28, 1871 in Marysville, Kansas. He spent early childhood in Kansas and in 1980 his family relocated to San-Antonio, Texas. After graduation from a high school Ralph started to work for Mexican Railway Company. He ran the gamut from railway worker to manager.
Richard Fisher - the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Richard Fisher
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the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Richard Fisher is the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. He supports an idea of cutting the Fed quantitative easing program down. Initially Fisher was against introducing this measure of regulation.Richard Fisher was born in Los Angeles, California, but he lived in Mexico being a child. He is not a native-born American, as his father came from Australia. His mother had a South-African origin, though she lived long time in Norway.Admiral Farragut Academy was the first institute Fisher graduated from.
Robert "Bob" Corker
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United States Senator from Tennessee
Bob Corker is a well-Known political leader in the USA. He is a member of the Republican Party. Bob is an active supporter of providing assistance to Ukraine in resolving the political and military conflict. The future politician was born on August 24, 1952 in the city of Orangeburg, South Carolina. Bob graduated from the high school in Chattanooga, and then from the University of Tennessee with a bachelor's degree in industrial management in 1974. Right after graduation, Bob got interested in the construction business.
Robson Walton -  Chairman of the Wal-Mart board
Robson Walton
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Chairman of the Wal-Mart board
Samuel Robson is the oldest inheritor of the famous billionaire Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart. He is a chairman of the company. He was born October 28, 1944 in Tulsa Oklahoma, USA. In 1962 his father established the retail chain named Wal-Mart. He started with the opening of one store in Bentonville. The chain store grew really fast and became one of the most popular in the USA. Nowadays there are about 10,000 stores with 2.1 million employees in 28 different countries with the annual turnover 400 billion of dollars.
Roman Abramovich - Investor, former governor of Chukotka Autonomous Region
Roman Abramovich
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Investor, former governor of Chukotka Autonomous Region
Roman Abramovich is a famous Russian entrepreneur, the owner of the big fortune and football team Chelsea. Roman was born on October 24, 1966 in Saratov. His mother had Ukrainian roots and farther was from Lithuania; his relatives were forced to leave Lithuania after USSR disintegration. Right after Roman was born the family moved to Syktyvkar. His mother worked as a music teacher and father found his way into logistics at the construction company. Roman became an orphan at the age of 4. There are several versions of what have happened.
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