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All famous investors’ success stories were no flash in the pan. They were not born into wealth and had a bumpy ride before they became movers and shakers. The magnates put themselves up by their bootstraps. Despite their stories are somewhat similar, they are interesting and unique in their own way. Some of them started their path from a profession far from the one they ended up with. They made a bit on the side to get some extra money and then changed their lives dramatically. Some spent much time on education and started out as entry-level employees to move up the career ladder. Most got off to a flying start by opening a store, plant or retail chain which then became the pacesetters. Their business creed was quality and affordability. Their firms turned into multinationals with annual revenues exceeding hundreds of billions of dollars in ten, twenty, or thirty years. Such companies as IKEA, Inditex (Zara, Pull and Bear, Bershka), H&M, and ALDI are among the leading lights.

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Jacques Nasser -  Chairman of BHP Billiton
Jacques Nasser
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Chairman of BHP Billiton
Jacques Nasser is a famous Lebanese-Australian businessman who made a successful career with Ford Motor Company. At the moment he is a Chairman of BHP Billiton.Jacques was born December 27, 1947 in Lebanon to the family of a well-known businessman Abdo Nasser. Soon after Jacques was born the whole family relocated to Melbourne. He graduated from high school in Melbourne and was accepted to the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.Jacques was hired by Ford Motor Company right after he received his business degree.
Jan Hatzius -  ​Chief Economist at Goldman Sachs
Jan Hatzius
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​Chief Economist at Goldman Sachs
Jan Hatzius is a well-known political and economic figure, the chief economist at Goldman Sachs.He was born on December 17, 1968 in the small town of Heidelberg, Germany. After graduating from high school, Jan enrolled at the Institute for the World Economy in the German city of Kiel. Then he relocated to the United States of America, where he continued his education. He finished the University of Wisconsin-Madison and moved to the UK to become an alumnus of the Oxford University, at which he earned a Ph.
Janet Yellen -  Former Head of the US Federal Reserve
Janet Yellen
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Former Head of the US Federal Reserve
This successful business woman became well-known when she took office as Chair of the Federal Reserve System. During her career, she managed to reach such great heights that used to be unreachable for a woman.Janet is an American citizen of Jewish descent. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, to a family of Anna Ruth Yellen (née Blumenthal) and Julius Yellen, who worked as a family doctor. She attended Fort Hamilton High School in her hometown. Then, in 1967, she earned a bachelor's degree in economics, with honours, at the Brown University.
Jeffrey Bezos -  General Director Amazon
Jeffrey Bezos
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General Director Amazon
Jeff is a well-known American entrepreneur ranked the 18th richest man in the world according to Forbes. Jeff Bezos established his own internet company which became one of the most popular resources on the Internet.The future billionaire was born January 12, 1964 in a small town Allbuquerque, New Mexico. His maternal relatives were first settlers in Texas. Bezos received his family name from his step father who had Cuban roots. Jeff has been interested in engineering and science since childhood.
Jens Weidmann -  Ppresident of the Deutsche Bundesbank
Jens Weidmann
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Ppresident of the Deutsche Bundesbank
Jens Weidmann is a renowned economist and the youngest president of Bundesbank, Germany's central bank. He is one of the most enthusiastic proponents of the regulator's laissez-faire policy in the context of handling financial crisis issues.Jens Weidmann was born in Solingen on April 20, 1968. In 1987, he graduated from school in Backnang and continued his education in France. First he studied economics at Paul Cézanne University Aix-Marseille III, and then at the Universities of Paris and Bonn.
Jesse Lauriston Livermore - Stock trader
Jesse Lauriston Livermore
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Stock trader
Jesse Lauriston Livermore is a stock trader of the early 20th century. He became famous for short selling during large-scale stock market crashes in 1907 and 1929, as well as for making a vast multi-million fortune and losing it almost instantly.Livermore was born in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, US. His father was a farmer who wanted his son to inherit family business and labour in the fields. However, his mother didn't want such a fate for her child; she knew her son was capable of great success.
Jim Walton -  Chairman of Arvest Bank
Jim Walton
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Chairman of Arvest Bank
The youngest son of the famous Wal-Mart Stores founder is included in the list of the ten richest people on the planet by Forbes.Jim was born on June 7, 1948. His father Sam Walton was the founder of the US largest retailer. Jim's career was predetermined: he was an heir of the family business. His father decided to divide the business between his children equally. After graduation from the University of Arkansas, he started working in father's company. When the company's founder passed away in 1992, Jim took over the management.
Jim Yong Kim -  President of the World Bank
Jim Yong Kim
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President of the World Bank
Jim Yong is a Korean-American doctor who was supported by the majority during the election of the next president of the World Bank. Jim won respect of the US government and established good relationship with Russia.Jim was born December 8, 1959 in Seoul, South Korea. Soon after his birth Jim's parents immigrated to the USA. Jim turned five years old when his family relocated, so he grew up in Muscatine, Iowa, USA. Jim's father worked as a tutor at the Medical University of Iowa; he taught dentistry.
Johanna Quandt -  BMW Board Chairman Senior Executive
Johanna Quandt
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BMW Board Chairman Senior Executive
Johanna Quandt was one of the most successful women in the world. She managed to get top rated as the richest lady according to Forbes.She was the major shareholder of popular and worldwide-known car maker BMW. Johanna was born in 1926 in Berlin. After graduation from a high school and University she took a job as a secretary for Herbert Quandt, which was a landmark event for this woman.Herbert was a shareholder of BMW and he was considered a person who saved the company from bankruptcy by making several important strategic decisions after he expanded his shareholding.
John Davison Rockefeller -  Co-founder of the Standard Oil Company
John Davison Rockefeller
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Co-founder of the Standard Oil Company
Among the world's richest people, there has never been a billionaire more famous and influential than John D. Rockefeller. His name is commonly associated with the beginning of the US oil boom as well as huge monopolies and enormous wealth.John was born on July 8, 1839 in Richford, New York to a family of protestants. He had five brothers and sisters. Their father, William Avery Rockefeller, was a travelling con artist who pretended to be deaf and mute and sold healing elixirs. The future billionaire's mother was very religious and disciplined.
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