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All famous investors’ success stories were no flash in the pan. They were not born into wealth and had a bumpy ride before they became movers and shakers. The magnates put themselves up by their bootstraps. Despite their stories are somewhat similar, they are interesting and unique in their own way. Some of them started their path from a profession far from the one they ended up with. They made a bit on the side to get some extra money and then changed their lives dramatically. Some spent much time on education and started out as entry-level employees to move up the career ladder. Most got off to a flying start by opening a store, plant or retail chain which then became the pacesetters. Their business creed was quality and affordability. Their firms turned into multinationals with annual revenues exceeding hundreds of billions of dollars in ten, twenty, or thirty years. Such companies as IKEA, Inditex (Zara, Pull and Bear, Bershka), H&M, and ALDI are among the leading lights.

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George Osborne - Chancellor of the Exchequer
George Osborne
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Chancellor of the Exchequer
George Osborne is a world-famous finance minister of the United Kingdom. He represents the oldest Anglo-Irish aristocracies and is the heir apparent to the baronetcy. He is recognized as the second Lord of the Exchequer. Osborne supports austerity measures, that is why his governance is hotly debated around the world.The entitled heir was born on May, 23, 1971 in Paddington, London. He is the elder son of Sir Peter Osborne, 17th Baronet, a co-founder of Osborne & Little company, which specializes in fabric and wallpaper design.
George Soros - Founder and adviser of the Quantum Fund
George Soros
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Founder and adviser of the Quantum Fund
Schwartz Gyorgy is a real name of a well-known financier, investor, social philosopher, author of several books and numerous articles on finance and economics. The core idea of his life was to organize an open society in the post-communist period.George Soros was born on August 12, 1930 in Budapest, Hungary, in a Jewish family of moderate means. His father Tivadar Soros was a lawyer. In addition to other duties, he tried to publish a magazine in the international common language Esperanto.
Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor -  The owner of Grosvenor Group
Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor
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The owner of Grosvenor Group
The 6th Duke of Westminster, the Officer of the Order of the British Empire, and one of the richest people in the United Kingdom inherited an enormous fortune from his parents, members of the royal family.Born on December 22, 1951, Gerald spent his early years on the island in the Lough Erne.He started education in Northern Ireland. After elementary school he was sent to Sunningdale School. He graduated from Harrow School in 1970. At that very moment the Duke turned the military age, so did nothing but joined the territorial army of Northern Ireland.
German Gref - President and Member of the Governing Council of Sberbark
German Gref
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President and Member of the Governing Council of Sberbark
German Gref is a widely known statesman, a prominent politician and economist who took the highest positions in the Russian government several times.The future head of the biggest Russian bank was born on February 8, 1964 in Panfilovo, a small town in Pavlodar region of the former Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic. Gref's parents, ethnic Germans, were exiled there in 1941. Most of his relatives are citizens of Germany. However, some members of the Grefs had visited Russia earlier, long before German was born.
Haruhiko Kuroda -  Bank of Japan Governor
Haruhiko Kuroda
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Bank of Japan Governor
Haruhiko Kuroda is a world-famous chief banker of the third largest economy, who has a huge impact on the country leaders. He has earned respect of foreign colleagues for his work.Kuroda was born on October 25, 1944 in Japan. In 1967, he graduated from the University of Tokyo with a BA in law. In 1971, he received his MPhil in economics from the University of Oxford. While getting his master's degree, he started working in the Japanese Ministry of Finance where Kuroda served until 2005.
Howard Archer - Chief UK and European Economist at IHS Global Insight
Howard Archer
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Chief UK and European Economist at IHS Global Insight
Howard Archer is a European economist well-known due to his ambiguous forecasts and harsh words regarding the situation in the euro zone. Archer often expressed a positive opinion on growth in the EU countries started in 2014.Howard Archer has obtained a Ph.D. at the University of Reading located in Britain. He has been working in the sphere of economic analysis and forecasting for twenty-five years. Before Archer became Chief European and UK Economist at IHS Global Insight, he had worked as economist at Standard & Poor's specializing in financial research and analysis.
Ingvar Kamprad -  The founder of IKEA
Ingvar Kamprad
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The founder of IKEA
Ingvar Kamprad is a billionaire and successful businessman from Sweden, one of the richest people in the world, the founder of IKEA chain stores, a person who's life is said to be like one of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales' characters.He has never studied at university. School teachers could not teach him how to read for a long time. However, the business strategy which he used for IKEA is studied at numerous universities of Europe. His biographers assume his passion for trade was in his genes.
Iris Fontbona -  The owner of Antofagasta
Iris Fontbona
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The owner of Antofagasta
Iris Fontbona is one of the richest women of the world who inherited a large fortune after her husband had passed away. Despite her senior age, Iris personally manages the business. Iris Fontbona is a second wife of Chilean billionaire Andronico Luksic who owned the largest cooper deposit in the world, as well as a beverage company. Luksic passed away in 2005; he left all his fortune to his wife and kids. Thus, Iris was listed as one of the richest women in the world according to Forbes. Her net worth estimated around $17 billion.
Jacob Lew - Former U.S. Treasury Secretary
Jacob Lew
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Former U.S. Treasury Secretary
Jacob Lew is the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury who is widely known due to his remarkable speeches. Barack Obama puts faith and trust in him and several times expressed an opinion that Lew would be remembered as the best minister.Jacob was born on August 29, 1955 in an orthodox Jewish family in New York. Being a child, his father came from Poland to the USA and got the Law degree, though the thing he did was selling antique books. The soon to be minister got his first education in New York where he finished the Queens school.
Jacqueline Mars -  Board member of Mars Inc
Jacqueline Mars
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Board member of Mars Inc
Jacqueline is one of the richest women in the world, a successful business woman, inheritor of the well-known company Mars which produces pastry and chocolate. Jacqueline Mars was born on October 10, 1939 in the family of the Mars Inc founder. Her father Forrest Edward Mars and her grandfather Franklin Clarence Mars founded the family business which produced mostly chocolate candy. After they passed away Jacqueline, John and Forest the Younger inherited Marc Inc.The only daughter of the billionaire could afford absolutely everything since childhood.
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