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All famous investors’ success stories were no flash in the pan. They were not born into wealth and had a bumpy ride before they became movers and shakers. The magnates put themselves up by their bootstraps. Despite their stories are somewhat similar, they are interesting and unique in their own way. Some of them started their path from a profession far from the one they ended up with. They made a bit on the side to get some extra money and then changed their lives dramatically. Some spent much time on education and started out as entry-level employees to move up the career ladder. Most got off to a flying start by opening a store, plant or retail chain which then became the pacesetters. Their business creed was quality and affordability. Their firms turned into multinationals with annual revenues exceeding hundreds of billions of dollars in ten, twenty, or thirty years. Such companies as IKEA, Inditex (Zara, Pull and Bear, Bershka), H&M, and ALDI are among the leading lights.

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Christy Walton -  co-owner of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Christy Walton
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co-owner of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Christy Walton is the richest American woman who was the second in the Forbes list in 2013. She inherited her husband's wealth after he had died in an airplane crash in June 2005. Her husband John Walton was the heir of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. There is little information about the inheritor of the greatest retail corporation in the USA. She was born in the United States in 1955. Christy became the second wife of John Walton who was Wal-Mart founder's son. She inherited a part of the family business after her husband's death.
David Koch -  Vice President Koch Industries
David Koch
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Vice President Koch Industries
David Koch is one of the richest businessmen of USA, second inheritor of the Koch Industries who was included into the list of the richest people in the world according to Forbes.David was born May 3, 1940. There were three more boys in the Koch's family – Charles, William and Frederick, who should have joined family business according to the father's plans. However, right after their father passed away all three brothers got into argument and as a result David and the oldest brother took control over the family business.
David Lipton -  First Deputy Managing Director at IMF
David Lipton
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First Deputy Managing Director at IMF
David Lipton is a famous American economist. He was a Special Assistant to the President. He keeps aspects of his personal life private.Right after graduation from a high school he was accepted to the Wesleyan University. In 1975 David graduated with a Bachelor's degree. He earned a PhD from the Harvard University in 1982. After graduation he launched his career at the International Monetary Fund. He devoted 8 year to this job. David teamed up with Prof. Jeffrey Sachs in order to do some research together.
David Thomson - Chairman of Thomson Corporation
David Thomson
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Chairman of Thomson Corporation
David Thomson is a Canadian billionaire who inherited a large company with core business area in information technology implementation.David was born June 12, 1957 in Canada. His father, 2d baron Tomson, in his turn was the son of Roy Tomson –founder of the Thomson Corporation. It was Roy Thomson who set the main company's rules which placed Thomson Corporation among the leaders in the market.After school David enrolled at the Upper Canada College and then to the Selwyn College at the University of Cambridge.
Dirce De Camargo -  Chairman of Camargo Correa
Dirce De Camargo
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Chairman of Camargo Correa
Dirce Navarro was the richest woman in Brazil and the oldest female billionaire who had lived hundred years. She was quite introverted and did not enjoy social events.She was born in 1913 in Brazil and died hundred years later, in 2013. However, her accurate age is not known. She avoided media attention, never gave interviews and never appeared in press. She lived a quiet life except for the fact that she inherited huge conglomerate Camargo Correa from her late husband. To the moment of her death, Dirce's fortune totaled about $13 billion.
Elena Baturina -  Head of Inteco
Elena Baturina
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Head of Inteco
Elena Baturina is a wife of Moscow ex-mayor, powerful businesswoman, founder and owner of investment and construction company Inteco that holds leading positions in plastic manufacturing, concrete construction and commercial property markets. Her company controls about 1/5 of the whole construction market in the Moscow region. Yelena is also deputy head of the working group on the national project Affordable housing and a member of the Russian Land Bank Board of Directors. Since 2008, Baturina holds the first position in the ranking of Russia's richest women, according to Forbes.
Enrico Letta -  55th Prime Minister of Italy
Enrico Letta
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55th Prime Minister of Italy
A well-known Italian politician, one of the youngest ministers in the country's history, stands out for his friendliness and eagerly answers all journalists' questions.Enrico Letta was born on August 20, 1966, in an Italian city of Pisa to a traditionally big family. His father, Georgio Letta, was a math teacher and taught probability theory at the University of Pisa. His mother, Anna Banchi, was from Sardinia. Enrico's family was large indeed, and he has relatives outstanding in different spheres of life.
Erkki Liikanen‎ - Governor of the Bank of Finland
Erkki Liikanen‎
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Governor of the Bank of Finland
Erkki Liikanen is a well-known Finnish politician and economist. He is the follower of a Finnish social democratic party. Erkki Liikanen was considered for the post of President of the European Central Bank. Erkki Liikanen was born on September 19, 1950 in Mikkeli located in the eastern part of Finland. In 1975, he graduated from the faculty of economics of the University of Helsinki and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Political Science. Liikanen was the youngest person ever to become a member of the Finnish Parliament starting his parliamentary career in 1971 at the age of 21.
Frits Bolkestein -  Former European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services
Frits Bolkestein
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Former European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services
Firtz is a retired but widely known Dutch politician who was a member of the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy and held several senior positions. Fritz, or Frederick, was born April 4, 1933 in the heart of Netherlands, Amsterdam. Father of the future politician was President of the Court in the capital, and his grandfather was Minister of Education, Arts and Sciences to the Dutch government. His relatives on the maternal side were from India.Frederick Bolkestein attended the gymnasium in his native town Barlaeus from 1945-1951, where he majored in both art and science.
George Lindeman -  George Lindemann
George Lindeman
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George Lindemann
George Lindemann is an American businessman, one of the most successful investors in the world. George is famous for his talent to find the most profitable business projects. He earned his fortune by buying and selling companies.The future billionaire was born in 1936 to Jewish family in New York. Right after graduation from a high school he applied to the Pennsylvania University, Economics department. He graduated with the Bachelor's in Economics.In 1958 he started to work for his father's company, which was selling popular hair products.
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