Forex tools

Forex tools

Forex charts

The forex chart section is tailor-made for traders who want to keep abreast of currency instruments’ dynamics. You can analyze price action by tracking movements of a currency pair online. The basic function kit contains a currency pair, chart type, and time frame of choice.

Quotes online

You can find up-to-date online quotes in this section. You will be provided with high-quality convenient daily monitoring, which is designed as a table divided by instrument types. There is also a search tool. Besides, you can create your own bloc of ‘Favorite’ instruments.

Forex calculator

To avoid calculation mistakes as well as speed up and simplify this process, use the Forex calculator service. You will be able to easily calculate potential revenues, estimate risks, as well as find out profits and losses on new and opened positions. For your convenience, we have placed a news timer and online quotes on the web page.

Volatility calculator

Constant monitoring of currency pair volatility will help you reap profits and avoid financial risks. All needed information is collected in the special section, Volatility calculator. This tool allows you to measure volatility of an instrument in various time frames (from 1 to 54 weeks). The list of instruments for analysis includes major, exotic, and cross pairs.

Forex tick charts

The key function of this service is to provide information about fluctuations of currency exchange rates. A tick chart is a time frame of one second. You can track the market ‘heartbeat’, see what happens in the market online, and forecast future price movements. You can expand charts to a full-screen size.

Forex informers

Here you can pick a financial informer from a list. To use an informer, simply copy its code and insert it to your website. You can also change an informer’s interface without editing its link. Informers will enable your website’s visitors to assess the current situation on Forex instantly. You will make your web resource informative as well as boost its traffic and recognition.

Currency converter

This web page features a simple, convenient and useful currency converter. It will allow you to easily convert your money from one currency to another according to the current exchange rate. The converter is regularly updated. The service includes world currencies.

Forex symbols

All financial instruments used in trading have their own codes. This section will help you decipher any symbol unfamiliar to you. Every instrument has a short description.

Cryptocurrency trading

This web page represents the five most popular cryptocurrencies as well as their intraday lows/highs in a real-time mode. What is more, you can also monitor the dynamic of cryptocurrency instruments. There is also a possibility to convert the cryptocurrency to USD and vice versa. Plus, in this section, you can see other traders’ real-time orders and their latest real-time deals. Last but not least, you can choose a chart type and a needed cryptocurrency for more accurate analysis.
Forex TV Online:

2020-09-25 18:38

25.09.2020: Investors again interested in USD safety (DJIA, USDX, USD/CAD)

2020-09-25 16:08

Trader’s calendar on September 28 - 30: USD may rise next week

2020-09-25 14:22

25.09.2020: EUR and GBP unlikely to return to previous levels. Outlook for EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

2020-09-25 13:44

25.09.2020: Positive background to support RUB (Brent, USD/RUB)

2020-09-25 12:14

25.09.2020: Positive background to support RUB (Brent, USD/RUB)

2020-09-24 18:14

24.09.2020: USD consolidating gains (DJIA, USDX, USD/CAD)

2020-09-24 15:00

24.09.20202: Analysts foresee further spike in USD. Outlook for EUR/USD and GBP/USD

2020-09-24 13:48

24.09.2020: What will happen to RUB next? (Brent, USD/RUB)

2020-09-24 13:00

24.09.2020: Will USD rise higher? Outlook for USD/JPY, AUD/USD

2020-09-23 18:26

23.09.2020: USD climbs to two-month high (DJIA, USDX, USD/CAD)

2020-09-23 15:09

23.09.2020: EUR and GBP stop falling. Outlook for EUR/USD and GBP/USD

2020-09-23 13:20

23.09.2929: USD advances vs RUB (Brent, USD/RUB)

2020-09-23 12:19

23.09.2020: USD flexes muscles: outlook for USD/JPY, AUD/USD

2020-09-22 16:47

22.09.2020: Powell’s testimony on investors’ radars (DJIA, USDX, USD/CAD)

2020-09-22 14:58

22.09.2020: EUR and GBP continue to lose in value. Outlook for EUR/USD and GBP/USD

2020-09-22 13:47

22.09.2020: Oil eases while RUB slightly up (Brent, USD/RUB, BTC/USD)

2020-09-22 12:14

22.09.2020: USD advances amid money laundering scandal: outlook for USD/JPY, AUD/USD

2020-09-21 18:05

21.09.2020: USD begins its advance? (DJIA, USDX, USD/CAD)

2020-09-21 14:26

21.09.2020: How deep EUR and GBP may fall? Outlook for EUR/USD and GBP/USD

2020-09-21 12:54

21.09.2020: RUB eases as oil prices drop (Brent, USD/RUB)

2020-09-21 11:56

21.09.2020: Why investors revise their portfolio in favor of US dollar. Outlook for USD/JPY, AUD/USD

2020-09-18 14:43

18.09.2020: EUR and GBP to hold gains against USD? Outlook for EUR/USD and GBP/USD

2020-09-18 13:31

18.09.2020: USD extends weakness: outlook for USDX, USD/JPY, AUD/USD

2020-09-18 12:45

18.09.2020: Oil rallies after OPEC+ meeting (Brent, USD/RUB, BTC/USD)

2020-09-17 17:39

17.09.2020: How Fed’s forward guidance impacts on USD (DJIA, USDX, USD/CAD)

2020-09-17 15:03

17.09.2020: EUR and GBP erase losses. Outlook for EUR/USD and GBP/USD

2020-09-17 13:46

17.09.2020: Oil’s decline puts pressure on RUB (Brent, USD/RUB)

2020-09-17 13:27

17.09.2020: USD sees short-term rally amid FOMC meeting results: outlook for USDX, USD/JPY, AUD/USD

2020-09-16 18:29

16.09.2020: USD skidding while oil trading higher (DJIA, USDX, USD/CAD, Brent, BTC/USD)

2020-09-16 14:26

16.09.2020: How Fed’s meeting may influence market sentiment? Outlook for EUR/USD and GBP/USD

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