Кинофестивал на ИнстаФорекс

Порталът за Форекс търговия Mt5 се радва да ви информира, че Кинофестивалът на ИнстаФорекс е на път. Сега търговците на ИнстаФорекс имат шанс да преценят и да гласуват за най-доброто видео, посветено на валутните сделки на Форекс, или да се опитат в режисирането и създаването на уникален видеоклип.

Кинофестивалът на ИнстаФорекс е голямо събитие, което се случва два пъти в годината. Трима победители трябва да получат парични награди. Най-доброто видео ще бъде определено чрез открито гласуване на портала MT5 (forum.mt5.com). Първокласните видеоклипове, отговарящи на всички изисквания за конкурс, ще бъдат пуснати на портала. Авторите на многообразни видеоклипове, обхващащи различни теми и жанрове, преследват единствената цел - да илюстрират форекс търговията в техния собствен стил.

Видео галерия на печелившите

InstaForex Cinema Festival, spring 2014

A trading strategy described by the author in this video is quite simple. First, you need the 50-day, 100-day or 200-day moving averages on your chart for the confirmation of support and resistance levels. Then, plotting trendlines is the integral part of the strategy. And the final part is devoted to chart patterns like head and shoulders, symmetric triangles and butterflies, etc.
This video tutorial is geared toward those who feel like it’s time to change something in their life to make more money. Forex is the answer. After motivational introduction, the author provides his demo account as an example. His trading strategy is based on SnR, trendlines, and candlesticks. Check it out!
Have you ever thought why we talk only about charts and technical analysis? It doesn’t downgrade its importance, but technical analysis provides us with no answer to the most important question 'why?'. The strategy presented in this video is based on fundamental analysis. Why does price move? Why does it rise or fall? Or why does it soar or plummet? As traders, we have to know answers to these questions.

InstaForex Cinema Festival, autumn 2013

The author of the video explains an advantageous trading strategy. Basically, it covers the strategy’s main principles and its practical use. The author claims that this a promising strategy, especially for longer time frames. He says he learned it from a trading blog and slightly modified it. So check it out.
The author made this video for beginners, who are on the lookout for a no-frills trading strategy. The strategy is based on the laws of supply and demand.
This 5-minute tutorial explains how the author trades support and resistance levels. It contains pictures, video and the voice-over commentary. Watching this video, traders can get some good fresh trading ideas.
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