Best forex indicators for technical analysis

best forex indicators

Technical indicators provide the trader with static information about the state of financial markets, they help determine the market dynamics and understand the character of the current trend.

On this page you can find the best forex indicators for the MetaTrader4 platform.

Trend indicators

Forex trend indicators help analyze the price dynamics for the selected trading instrument. Using such indicators, you will be able to determine the direction of the price in various trading periods and assess the strength of the current trend. These indicators are suitable for any trading strategy.

Also, there are indicators of trend lines that can predict the future price.

Channel indicators

Channel indicators are used in trading on price channels. This type of trading requires determination of support and resistance levels. These levels are based on the width of the channel and the selected source data.


Forex oscillators can help learn how to make money when the market is flat. Oscillators show new extremes, the minimum and maximum points of price reversals.

Leading indicators

The leading indicators allow traders to see trends that have not clearly developed yet in the economy of a country.

Volatility indicators

Volatility indicators analyze and display the range of price fluctuations for the selected time interval. Analyzing the volatility of the instrument, you can identify the current trend and predict the further movement of the price.

Scalping Indicators

Scalping indicators are rarely used separately. They are usually combined with other indicators in a specific intraday trading strategy.

Divergence indicators

Divergence indicators show significant price deviations in the trading window. That is, the movement of the indicator chart differs from the price chart. This happens when the indicator does not register the price extremes. Divergence is an auxiliary factor that is necessary when using oscillators in technical analysis. Divergence can be bullish and bearish.

Currency Slope Strength (CSS) Indicators

The name of this indicator speaks for itself. This technical tool measures the strength of currencies. For calculation, the CSS uses technical data that allows traders to react fast to any changes in the market.

To track open or close signals, indicators are set on graphic charts of prices and trading volumes of currency pairs.

The most accurate technical indicators for modern trading platforms can be downloaded for free using the links below. Along with the indicators, you will receive instructions on how to install them on MT4.

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