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What is the PAMM monitoring and what is it for? The PAMM monitoring is a rating of the best managing traders on Forex. It reveals the results of trading operations which were conducted on a PAMM account over a definite period of time. Besides, the PAMM monitoring shows how many investors a PAMM trader has.

The rating of PAMM accounts enables investors to find certain traders and see their profits for any period of time, or analyze the dynamics of their accounts. A chart of every PAMM investor displays the maximum profits and the losses which were incurred from the moment of investing.

The PAMM monitoring provides comprehensive statistics of any chosen trading account, so a potential investor can analyze the performance of a managing trader thoroughly.

Before investing into a PAMM account, one needs to gain insight into the specifics of work of a managing trader. The PAMM monitoring helps investors to examine a trading activity of a certain trader. It is recommended to invest into a PAMM trader only after you closely analyze the strategies which this trader applies.

Demo account
Demo account is a trading account for novice traders, functionality of which is similar to a live trading account. The only difference is that virtual money is used for trading. So, a demo account allows traders to gain practical trading experience, to learn the process of the forex market analysis, and to try their hands at strategic planning. All the services provided with live accounts are available for traders in demo account cabinet, including virtual money depositing, leverage, etc.

PAMM system
The PAMM system is a forex service which gives users an opportunity to accept investments or invest funds in a trading system. It enables investors to make profits without trading themselves (share the profit made by traders) and allows traders to get an opportunity of additional earnings from managing investors’ funds. Any client who owns InstaForex trading account may become a PAMM investor. In case you have your own investment project, you may get registered as a PAMM trader to be monthly paid affiliate commissions and make profits from funds managing.

Thanks to ForexCopy, clients may get access to accounts of professional traders and copy trading tools they use, time and direction of deals.  The participants of the ForexCopy system who aim to share experience should prior adjust terms of copying deals. A trader receives a profit share of each profitable deal as a benefit.   Followers can change copying settings and copy orders of several traders at once.

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