Forex glossary

forex dictionary of terms

Forex glossary is an educational resource on the MT5 web portal which contains essential terms to trade Forex. In this section, we have amassed important economic, financial, and trading terms with their definitions and also included frequently used words from the traders’ slang. Our glossary is a must-have for all beginners that should be always at hand. It is available at no cost.

The dictionary is arranged in a traditional manner as all terms are presented in alphabetic order. A required term can be easily found through a search box. The glossary helps you grasp the ins and outs of forex trading and serves as an essential tool for studying literature on economics and finance.

ابدأ التداول بدون مخاطر واستثمارات
مع "بونص ستارت أب" الجديد البالغ قدره $1000 دولار
احصل على بونص
من إنستافوركس
على كل إيداع
اكسب ما يصل الى
لتوجيه دعوة إلى الأصدقاء للحصول البونص البدائي من إنستافوركس
ليست أي استثمارات مطلوبة!