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Technical analysis
Forecast for GBP/USD on October 20, 2020 Yuriy Zaycev
2020-10-20 04:45:20
The pound is still hesitating on which direction it would take on October 20.
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Trading plan
Hot forecast and trading signals for GBP/USD on October 20. COT report. COVID-19 out of control in the UK Stanislav Polyanskiy
2020-10-20 02:58:16
Buyers seized the initiative, but ran into the 1.3006-1.3024 area. This area must be overcome in order for the pound to grow further
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Fundamental analysis
Overview of the GBP/USD pair. October 20. Possible resignation of Boris Johnson. What will be the relationship between the US and the UK under President Biden? Stanislav Polyanskiy
2020-10-20 01:14:03
The pound continues to be in a "storm" due to the utter uncertainty associated with the future of the United States, Great Britain, and their future relationship.
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Fundamental analysis
GBP/USD. Miracles of stress tolerance: Pound rises, despite EU summit's disappointing results
2020-10-19 23:08:09
The market "did not believe" that the results of the October EU summit were a failure, as there is a general confidence amo...
Technical analysis
October 19, 2020 : GBP/USD Intraday technical analysis and trade recommendations.
2020-10-19 16:37:21
The GBP/USD remains trapped between the price levels of 1.2840 - 1.3000 until breakout occurs in either directions. Bullis...
Fundamental analysis
Pound slightly rises debunking Johnson's threat of a futile Brexit
2020-10-19 13:12:05
It would seem that the statement that Britain is preparing to leave the EU without a deal and will focus on relations with ...
Trading plan
GBP/USD: plan for the American session on October 19 (analysis of morning deals)
2020-10-19 12:33:36
In the first half of the day, I paid attention to buying the pound above the resistance of 1.2945. Let's take a look at the...
Technical analysis
Technical recommendations for EUR/USD and GBP/USD on October 19
2020-10-19 11:53:44
Retesting the short-term trend (1.1811) ended with the formation of a rebound on the weekly time frame. However, the bulls'...
Wave analysis
GBP/USD analysis for October 19. Briton remains optimistic despite lack of positive results from EU summit
2020-10-19 10:16:32
The Briton continues to go in an upward wave even though the news background remains extremely unfavorable for him
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