Trading Forex signals

Trading signals

The automated system of forex signals is a tool providing a trader with useful information to make his work even more efficient.

Trading signals reflect data on a certain instrument, including recommendations regarding the trade’s volume, position’s opening and closing time, setting stop loss and take profit, and choosing a right trading instrument. Employing these signals protects you against massive losses, thus giving you an advantage on the market.

The signals provided shall be advisory. All trading decisions based on these signals are taken by a trader at his/her own risk.

Currency PairTime FrameCostPositionSLTP
USD/JPY M15 113.09 Buy 112.76 113.76
USD/CHF H1 0.9986 Sell 1.0017 0.9924
AUD/USD M30 0.7572 Buy 0.7551 0.7613
AUD/USD W1 0.7572 Buy 0.7168 0.8381
NZD/USD W1 0.7218 Buy 0.6868 0.7917
NZD/USD MN 0.7218 Sell 0.7472 0.6711
EUR/AUD M1 1.4192 Buy 1.4189 1.4198
EUR/JPY M1 121.50 Sell 121.54 121.42
SILVER M5 17.150 Buy 17.131 17.189