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G20 Officials Want to Give Mnuchin Room to Defend Trump Trade Plans

Many G20 officials who talked to US Treasury chief Steven Mnuchin at the weekend gathering in Germany opted not to question his protectionism stance.

However, they yielded ground to scrap a decade-old commitment to thwart protectionism and repeal statement language on funding the battle versus climate change.

Still, they chose to give the Trump administration's official an opportunity to outline their trade agenda, hoping for moderation by the time Germany holds a G20 leader's convention scheduled in July.

Ahead of the meeting, several finance chiefs were anxious about their first encounter with President Donald Trump's trade policies. However, to their surprise, the former Goldman Sachs banker was polite and acted like a businessman.

A G20 official disclosed Mnuchin went to the podium only once, reading a prepared statement.

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