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Uber President Quits Amid Deepening Turmoil

Uber Technologies Inc.President Jeff Jones has announced his resignation from his post in the ride services firm currently embroiled in several controversies.

Jones' departure from the company comes less that seven months after he was hired in order to help shape up the firm's damaged image.

Issues the company faces ranges from employee's allegations of sexual harassment and toxic work environment, to the hostile behaviour of CEO Travis Kalanick. Last month an ex-employee published a blog which depicted Uber as a workplace where sexual harassment was commonplace and was not given due punishment.

In a published video, Kalanick was also put under the spotlight as he was seen talking aggressively at an Uber driver. After the incident exploded before the public eye, the Uber chief said he would look for help and he will fill the post of a chief operating officer. Internally, the plan was perceived as a demotion for Jones, who was appointed last year to lead the ride-sharing firm and was considered as second in command, according to sources.

Uber is also facing a legal challenge from Alphabet Inc.'s driverless car unit that has accused the firm of stealing the designs of its autonomous car tech called Lidar. Uber denied the allegations.

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