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Well-Funded Thai Oil Giants Seek Investments

Thailand's PTT Exploration & Production Pcl and its parent firm have almost $11 billion combined in cash and marketable securities. According to Chief Executive Officer Somporn Vongvuthipornchai, the explorer and production company is prepared to spend from its portion on projects and exploration property to aid declining oil and gas reserves.

PTT E&P is considering early-life producing assets or projects that are sanctioned and ready for development, he said. It is also thinking of working with its parent firm, PTT Pcl, to invest in liquefied natural gas plants, that will help meet Thailand's increasing demand. Proved reserves have declined from the equivalent of 1.1 billion barrels of oil in 2009 to 695 million in 2016. Oil's crash have made deals tough to close last year due to the difficulty in agreeing on long-term values.

Somporn says that there is enough of a consensus now for buyers and sellers to reach a common ground. PTT E&P is using a $50 oil price forecast in 2017 for its investment decisions.
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