Forex contests

Forex contests among traders are presented in this section. You can enter any contest as trading experience and the amount of your earnings on Forex does not matter there. The challenges are held among both demo and trading accounts. We wish you good luck and great victories.

Forex humor

The Forex humor section contains jokes, funny stories, amusing pictures, and caricatures that highlight Forex events playfully. This section will help you to take your mind off trading for a while and unwind after hard work on Forex.

Forex games

Try different captivating games presented on this page which will not only help you to get distracted from Forex trading routine but will also cheer you up.

Animated cartoons about InstaForex

Forex cartoons is the section devoted to a series of cartoons about InstaForex, its services and products offered to customers. The page is constantly updated and our users could watch new videos telling about advantages of working with InstaForex.

InstaForex Film Festival

You trade Forex and have a craving for fulfilling yourself in creativity? InstaForex gives you this opportunity! On this page you will find video clips about Forex trading. Moreover, you will be able to try your hand in producing and create your own piece of work and submit it to approval of portal users.