Australian Dollar Strengthens Against Most Majors

The Australian dollar drifted higher against most major rivals in pre-European deals on Wednesday.

The aussie climbed to a 2-day high of 85.75 against the yen and a 2-week high of 0.9783 against the loonie, compared to yesterday's closing values of 85.28 and 0.9748, respectively.

The aussie that ended yesterday's trading at 0.7366 against the greenback and 1.4319 against the euro strengthened to near 4-week highs of 0.7396 and 1.4278, respectively.

The next possible resistance for the aussie may be seen around around 88.00 against the yen, 0.75 against the greenback, 1.41 against the euro and 0.99 against the loonie.

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Support and resistance levels

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