U.s. Treasury- One-Time Downward Re-Estimate in Tarp Bailout Costs reduced may 2011 Outlays by About $45 Bln

S&P - is one of the largest rating agencies which deal with analytical investigations of financial market. The company to one of the world’s most powerful rating agencies. S&P is also known as the creator and editor of the American stock index S&P500; and the Australian S&P200;.
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Fitch Affirms Sovereign Ratings Of UK, France
2016-12-10 07:13:00 UTC+00 19 hours ago  
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Chile's GDP To Expand Moderately In 2017: IMF
2016-12-10 10:48:00 UTC+00 15 hours, 25 min. ago  
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Spain's Leading Index Improves In October
2016-12-10 06:28:00 UTC+00 19 hours, 45 min. ago  
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Fitch Lowers Mexico's Rating Outlook To Negative
2016-12-10 08:11:00 UTC+00 18 hours, 2 min. ago  
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Fed Meets Amid Elevated Rate Hike Expectations
2016-12-10 17:34:00 UTC+00 8 hours, 39 min. ago  
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