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Forex informers for website

MT5 trading portal offers owners of websites and blogs to place Forex informers on pages of their web resources. Forex informers are automatically updated graphic, interactive, and text elements.

Forex informers are modules designed by MT5. They make fresh information on financial markets available online to website visitors. Thanks to instantly updated informers, visitors will be aware of any trading session and corporate revenues. Informers will make it possible to monitor selected currency pairs, indices, and stocks. Besides, with our informers, you will easily calculate a rebate’s value or a bull share on the market.

Forex informers will provide owners of websites and blogs with quality contents. They are arranged by the portal free of charge on condition a user saves the code and link to What is more, you can change an interface of your informer without editing its link.

Placing Forex informers on your website, you make it loaded with useful information. So your website will stand out from all the rest attracting more and more visitors. If you still cannot decide on a suitable Forex informer, feel free to send a query to the MT5 technical support service Please specify your website URL, the preferred format, and your requirements for a Forex informer’s design.

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