Forex Analysis
Mohamed Samy
2014-09-16 15:17:06 UTC+00 6 hours, 6 min. ago
A continuation Flag pattern is confirmed. Projection target is roughly located at 1.1250. Breakout above price Level of 1.1025 offered a BUY position and repeating the opportunity today at retesting.
Mohamed Samy
2014-09-16 15:01:45 UTC+00 6 hours, 21 min. ago
Bullish engulfing daily candlestick emerged off 1.6050. This enhanced the bullish side of the market to push towards 1.6315 and 1.6420. Key-level for the bulls is the recent low around 1.6050. It should be defended by bulls to maintain bullish momentum.
Michael Becker
2014-09-16 14:45:40 UTC+00 6 hours, 37 min. ago
Bullish engulfing daily candlestick emerges off 1.6060 lately. High opportunity of bullish reversal towards 1.6350 and probably 1.6410. A bullish position is currently suggested. Resistance Key-level is located near 1.6400 where 50% Fibonacci level is located. Price action should be watched around there.
Michael Becker
2014-09-16 14:39:30 UTC+00 6 hours, 43 min. ago
Is the medium-term downtrend about to end ? A bullish reversal "Head and Shoulders" pattern is being established. The bulls are waiting for confirmation. Key Zone for today's consolidation is located at 1.2980-1.3000. Four-hour above which confirms the bullish reversal towards 1.3180.
Hossam Soliman Ali
2014-09-16 14:34:26 UTC+00 6 hours, 48 min. ago
In H4 chart, the pair failed to break the support level of 173.00. It has been trading above it since yesterday.
Hossam Soliman Ali
2014-09-16 14:27:09 UTC+00 6 hours, 55 min. ago
In today's H4 chart, we see that the metal is trading between the support level of 18.50 and below the resistance level of 19.75 after its failure to break the resistance level yesterday.
Petar Jacimoviс
2014-09-16 11:57:56 UTC+00 9 hours, 25 min. ago
Successful rejection from our support level at the price of 1.5800. Selling EUR/NZD looks risky, so my advice is to watch for potential buying opportunities after retracmenet. If the price breaks the level of 1.5900 in a higher volume, we may see testing the level of 1.6000.
Petar Jacimoviс
2014-09-16 11:44:11 UTC+00 9 hours, 38 min. ago
Bullish corrective phase in progress. I have placed Fibonacci expansion to find potential resistance levels. I got Fibonacci expansion 61.8% at the price of 1,240.00 (currently on the test). Watch for potential selling opportunities after retracement.
Torben Melsted
2014-09-16 10:47:32 UTC+00 10 hours, 35 min. ago
Look for a little more correction closer to 1.5766 before wave iii higher will be ready to take over for a rally towards 1.6450.
Torben Melsted
2014-09-16 10:37:34 UTC+00 10 hours, 45 min. ago
Red wave ii lower towards 137.66 is still unfolding. We are currently in a small red wave b consolidation, that should be followed by a decline towards 137.66 and maybe even slightly lower before red wave ii finally is over.
Sebastian Seliga
2014-09-16 09:39:40 UTC+00 11 hours, 43 min. ago
The market has bounced from the support level as anticipated and now the intraday range zone has been created between the levels of 138.42 (intraday support) and 138.83 (intraday resistance). Despite the fact, the first leg down from the wave B top at the level of 139.16 might be counted as five wave bearish impulsive decline, there is still no confirmation of any further impulsive downside wave development. The price is trading sideways and it might be counted as corrective wave ii but only a valid breakout below the key level zone makes that assumption more probable than any other.
Mourad El Keddani
2014-09-16 09:38:27 UTC+00 11 hours, 44 min. ago
The NZD/USD pair has been showing a downward trend. Additionally, the price is still being trapped between 0.8237 and 0.8080 (weekly range). So, it makes sense to be neutral at this spot. Equally important, the support has set at the level of 0.8080 and a minor support has set at 0.8170 yesterday. As it is known, sellers are asking at a higher price. Accordingly, the price of the NZD/USD pair will give a good sign to sell below 0.8170 with the target of 0.8115. Also, if the trend will be able to break the 0.8115 price, hence, it might resume to 0.8080. However, if the trend fails to close below the strong support (0.88080), then the market will indicate a bullish opportunity above 0.8080.
Sebastian Seliga
2014-09-16 09:27:44 UTC+00 11 hours, 55 min. ago
Not much has been changed since yesterday on this pair although it is slowly moving in the anticipated downward direction. Both of the important support levels has not been violated and now it looks like the price has tested the weekly pivot and might be going back up. This first scenario is valid as long as the intraday support at the level of 1.1027 is not broken. In case of violation, the next support is at the level of 1.0978 (lower golden channel boundary and weekly pivot support).
Mourad El Keddani
2014-09-16 09:21:16 UTC+00 12 hours, 1 min. ago
According to the previous events, the USD/CHF pair has still been moving between 0.9370 and 0.9320. It should be noted that the key level is set at the level of 0.9303 because it represents strong support and it coincides with the last weekly pivot point. Equally important, the double top will be formed at the 0.8868 level but it seems the price is going to break this level in order to continue towards the level of 0.9395. As it is known, history will probably repeat itself at this level again. Therefore, it will a good idea to sell below 0.9390 with the first target of 0.9333. It will call for a downtrend in order to continue its bearish movement towards 0.9303.
Alexandros Yfantis
2014-09-16 08:28:20 UTC+00 12 hours, 54 min. ago
The Dollar index continues to trade inside the triangle consolidation pattern we noted yesterday. A break above 84.37 will give a buy signal. This could be a bullish flag pattern with target near 85 is resistance is broken.
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