Experts Say: 2017-03-16

Jean-Claude Juncker - Head of the European Commission

All scenarios for the development of the EU should be discussed by the parliaments of the Union member states

The Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, argued in the European Parliament that a multi-speed Europe was the best solution. Speaking about his landmark white paper in the European Parliament today, the EU Commission boss said: “I want to repeat again that this is not a white paper about a two-speed Europe. That's a misreading of it and if Mrs Merkel hadn't said anything about that in her press conference before the European Council then nobody else would've mentioned it either".

“This is not our goal to create a new iron curtain between east and west Europe. What it is about is we need to be able to move forward in terms of deepened European integration, even if not all agree to do that,” said the head of the European Commission in his report about the outcomes of the EU summit on March 9-10.

He added: “In some cases so far there has been enhanced cooperation, but if you look at those cases all the new member states, some of them were not able to go along. "This idea is not in line with reality and I would like to see everyone in Europe involved in these three debates on the future of Europe.”

"This is seen as introducing a new dividing line, a new kind of iron curtain between the east and west. That is not the intention," Juncker said.

The head of the EC expressed a wish that the national parliaments of the Union member states would discuss the scenarios proposed in the White Paper. He also noted that the European Commission imposed nothing but just suggested five alternative ways of possible further development of EU.

And all these scenarios, according to Juncker, have to be discussed by all Union members. “When discussing the various scenarios for Europe our main objective should be to strengthen mutual trust and unity amongst the 27,” the official believes.

Published: 2017-03-16
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