Experts Say: 2017-03-10

Sergey Fedorov - The Senior Research Scientist of the Institute of Europe RAS

The undeclared war on the European Union is already underway

The Senior Research Scientist of the Institute of Europe RAS Sergey Fedorov agrees on much with the candidate for presidency in France Marine Le Pen, who considers, that the foremost threat for the Europe is a cold war with Russia.

The leader of the far-right National Front Marine Le Pen declared, that one of the most compelling threat for the Europe was a new cold war with Russia, which made Moscow to drift towards Beijing more and more. Le Pen didn't think of anything new. In her theses about the highest tension with RF there is no revolutionism, and unfortunately, all that is left to do is to agree with them. Many analysts have spoken about the cold war between Russia and the European Union for about three years, since the referendum in Crimea and the beginning of the events in the eastern part of Ukraine. As Sergey Fedorov notes, the politician's words should be considered as warning against the development of already-existing downward course, but not against anything, that may occur.

Whereas, the RF's bilateral relations with France, Germany and other major EU countries develop at more or less constructive level. Brussel and Moscow have been waging an undeclared cold war for the fourth consecutive year – the contacts between Russia and the European Union are kept to the unprecedented minimum. Allowing for the increase in activity of NATO, the political military tension along the western Russian borders arise, so the prospects of fence mending between Europe and Russia are unclear. Besides, the National Front leader is not alone in her estimates over the western neighbouring state. Other famous persons of France also agree with her, in particular, the right politician François Fillon, the representative of the left-wing party Jean-Luc Melenchon and the ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy, continues the expert.

As the Senior Research Scientist of the Institute of Europe RAS Sergey Fedorov sums up, in case of Le Pen's winning in the presidential election – she is already considered as a front-runner of the first tour – the relations of France and, perhaps, the European Union with Russia will return to normal. However, despite the fact that France is a presidential republic, we have to keep in mind, that a president is unable to realize all the solutions without parliamentarians. So it remains to wait for the Frech parliamentary election's results, which follows the presidential run, then on the basis of the new government composition, we will forecast the development of relations with RF.

Published: 2017-03-10
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