Forex Analysis
Alexandros Yfantis
2014-08-27 09:01:58 UTC+00 18 hours, 2 min. ago
The Dollar index confirmed our buy signal yesterday and gave a new high as expected. However, the reversal was a bad sign. The trend line support has been broken and we are close to a full bearish reversal specially if price breaks below 82.30.
Alexandros Yfantis
2014-08-27 08:51:50 UTC+00 18 hours, 12 min. ago
Gold price has made a small spike upwards towards the $1,291 resistance by the downward sloping channel. Price got rejected at that level and pulled back towards $1,280. Strong support is at $1,270. We expect an upward trend reversal from the current levels.
Sebastian Seliga
2014-08-27 07:57:31 UTC+00 19 hours, 6 min. ago
So far, the market is developing according to the anticipated wave progression. However, currently it is stuck in the internal corrective cycle in the middle of the range zone, so traders need to wait for any decisive level breakout. There are two key price levels now, one for bears, one for bulls and the one that is violated first will give further clues about the market direction.
Harsh Japee
2014-08-27 07:53:37 UTC+00 19 hours, 10 min. ago
Technical analysis and trading recommendations on EUR/JPY for August 27, 2014. The EUR/JPY pair is testing the back side of the resistance line (136.80/137.00) and is ready to rally.
Harsh Japee
2014-08-27 07:35:49 UTC+00 19 hours, 28 min. ago
Technical analysis and trading recommendations on GBP/CHF for Aug 27, 2014. The GBP/CHF pair is stalling at the 1.5200 levels for a few trading sessions as seen here.
Sebastian Seliga
2014-08-27 07:16:39 UTC+00 19 hours, 47 min. ago
All of the projected target levels for wave c of the corrective cycle have been violated and the market still did not rebound from the sell-off. This means the corrective cycle might get more complex and time-consuming as the none of the simple corrections in shape of running or irregular flats did not work. The only last chance for a corrective cycle to rebound from the target level is at 161% of Fibo relationship between the internal corrective waves at the level of 1.0901. Any breakout lower is bearish and the market will try to test the demand zone between the levels of 1.0858 - 1.0873.
Harsh Japee
2014-08-27 06:59:08 UTC+00 20 hours, 4 min. ago
Technical analysis and trading recommendations on Silver for August 27, 2014. Silver printed $19.70 before pulling back sharply. The trading range continues but bullish break outremains imminent.
Harsh Japee
2014-08-27 06:24:55 UTC+00 20 hours, 39 min. ago
Technical analysis and trading recommendations for Gold for August 27, 2014. Gold rallied past $1,290.00 level yesterday before pulling back, as expected.
Joseph Wind
2014-08-27 05:30:09 UTC+00 21 hour, 33 min. ago
The metal has support at $1,282, $1,279.80, and $1,276.50. If it closes above $1,285, it can fly up to $1,295, 1300, and 1306 in the near term.
Joseph Wind
2014-08-27 05:27:59 UTC+00 21 hour, 36 min. ago
The price is holding support at 34hrsma. Currently, the prices are making minor support at 172.12 (10hr low); below this, 171.85 and 171.63 are open targets
Joseph Wind
2014-08-27 05:27:48 UTC+00 21 hour, 36 min. ago
Until the h4 candle closes above 1.0965, selling on an upmove will mint money. It has resistance at 1.0955 above this; it can fly up to the 1.0956 and 1.0962 levels.
Arief Makmur
2014-08-27 02:37:09 UTC+00 1 day, 26 min. ago
When the European market opens, some economic news will be released such as
Arief Makmur
2014-08-27 02:36:20 UTC+00 1 day, 27 min. ago
In Asia, Japan will not release any news but the US will unveil its Crude Oil Inventories. So there is a big probability USD/JPY will move with low volatility today
Joseph Wind
2014-08-27 02:35:03 UTC+00 1 day, 29 min. ago
The pair has strong support between the 136.76-136.81 levels. Breaking below these, it can extend its fall up to 136.60, 136.36, and 136.18.
Azeez Mustapha
2014-08-26 23:28:29 UTC+00 1 day, 3 hours, 35 min. ago
After the gap on it, the USD/CHF has been trying to resume its northward journey. It may test the resistance level at 0.9200.
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